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3 words for you FIX IS DONE

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Oh god am I tired. I really am. As soon as I found out the Forums were down and that no one found a fix or was telling us that there was one. So were does this news update leave us? with 1 thing. A fixed version of the mod. yes that's right the fix is done. Yes there might be a few things that might seems odd but it's just a sky box thats the wrong color. (ok it's just 1 sky box with the wrong code in the first map of ravenholm. (is that how you spell it?) it's set to sunset rather then night.)

OK so there is a question that I was asked a few days ago I was asked, "why is "Project Life" slapped at the end?". Because it's a fix. It's to bring life back into a Mod that almost died. Not only that But there is something that the team that I started with gave me. And that is an idea, nothing more nothing less but a simple idea. How does this come to deal with "Project life"? That answer will come to you in a few weeks.... unless you can figure it out your self?

I ask that you please click the track button over there ------->>>>>>>>.
to stay in tune with what happens to Smod:T and for more possible fixes to bugs.

The fix should be posted on Thursday or Friday with credit given to those who gave ideas to the fix. And I thank you for supporting me if you did, and even if you didn't I forgive you. As said before, I will be gone from July 14- Aug 4 any bugs or problems will have to wait, I will not have a computer or internet accesses to see or fix any thing.

Now i Leave you a hint.

"I give you a choice, Nothing More, nothing left. Each as dangerous as the next. To the left, to the right. traps and guns, rocks and bullets. Life or death it's your path. I give you one thing and one thing only. A choice".

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