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I'm looking for sceners !! guys who are good in making scenes! simple scenes of villages mansions towns castles anything that can relate to the mod era and time

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because of lack of time i'm focusing more on information side hell i even downloaded old games just for this purpose(i won't tell i enjoyed some hehehe)

so i'm looking for guys who can help me with this it will do me and the mod great

as well if there are guys who are good at scripting they can pm as well it will lessen the burden on me a little bit!

here are some pictures in-game

PS: there are many many and many lords in the game (tried to stay on the historical side so don't be shocked when you see a fight between two clans the consist of over 60-80 lords and over 1000-1500 soldiers

Amago clan lords (they were in war against the honganji clan which is known later as the ikko ikki)

another picture

PSS: you might wonder why there are many villages in game 500+ while castles and towns have way less? easy ! because there are many lords in game if we gave half of them each a castle its like having more then 500+ castles in game how long will keep playing this one game to finish it ? specialy with the hug armies?

so one of their purposes is to help the lords out

The miyoshi with its huge territory and army declared war on the puny neighbor The Shogun so in a fit of anger he brought his army and made an unexpected attack on some of the miyoshi castles and besieged them an act which took all the clans watching the fight by surprise and made them reevaluate the Shogun again

and here is another one

PSS:the first few releases won't have that many features because it will focus on the riches of informations you will get to know many famous characters and unfamous characters interact with them and either help them to reach their destinated glory or trample on them and take the glory your self! (damn wanted to say this a long time ago hahaha!)

This is what you call peace before the storm their lands are rich and peaceful on the outside but from the inside factions fight the political wars in the dark this situation led the daimyo of this great clan to declare war on one of its small neighbors in hope of lessening the pressure and locating some figures away from the capital only to be met with declaration of War from the Two Sister alliances clan (The Azai And The Asakura clans) rushing with their armies in aid of their little sister will the daimyo survive this hard times where he need to battle both in his court and ion the battlefield both in open and in dark ?

this is it for now i'm waiting for you dear sceners and coders !


Will Lord executions be a thing in the future?

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imado552 Author

yes it will be added for sure!

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