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VALVe's broken ass SDK cause everything I was wotking on to die. I'm very sad now.

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I'm done. everything I tryed to do just broke.
I can't load any maps in hammer.
Without me have done anything to it, the game won't even start.
I can't get steam to even read it from my sourcemods folder anymore.
I didn't keep a back-up of any of this shit, so...

Sorry to everyone who wanted to see this, but I don't even fell like continuing.

If you want what I have already made, the link is here.
Hopefully you can do better with this then I could. Just credit me if you use it.


Sorry to hear this, I was really looking forward to this... :(

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RykahKnight Author

I'm actually supprised I was able to keep it this long.
infact, if it wasn't for what ever the hell happened it to, I'd probliiy would have finsihed it.
oh well, I guess another one bites the dust.

I might try something again soon... just after I learn how to map better. it will not be something as big as this though, it would probilly be like 5-7 maps.

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yea man I had a ssd die on me with the source code, also, but had SVN running by then, and keep back ups around. But of course sometimes theres stuff on hard drives, that die or something. with good models on them. Good mapping takes time. Espaily with npcs. It looked you were being really active in putting this together. the SDK can be difficult to work with at times, and has issues here and there. if u were u I would revive this, just organize it more, with SVN, a 2nd computer?. maybe github, and backup ftp/harddrive. anyway, I hope some of this helps, dling ur file.

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Aww, I was looking forward to this mod alot.... :(
Good luck on your next project! :)

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Sorry to hear that, man. Wish I could help get this project moving again, but I already got a lot of work to do on my project(s). If I could, I definitely would help in mapping.

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