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I have been gone for a small break, and I just want you to know TCC is still in production.

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I've been gone for a while and that is because I've been VERY busy. I had a lot of things I needed to have complete in a very small amount of time for school, which is why I had to put the Cobalt Chronicles on hold. I then decided to take a short break after school seemed to have calmed down. I wanted to stop and spend time with my family and spend some time for myself. I started programming things in Scratch.Mit. I even made a game that you guys can check out. I didn't forget about my real game though.... And I have to tell you that I haven't actually programmed anything yet. I have the story, the sprites, and the gameplay in mind. But I don't have the proper game engine yet...sort of. I have A form of RPG maker, but I want to get the best form of RPG Maker so that you guys can have the best experience possible. I will release a few 'gameplay' screenshots. By that I mean I can put the sprites together in the way that it would look in game. But that is the least I can do for you guys... I really want to make this happen and I will make this happen when I can. Until then...Just wait, I WILL give you something great.

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