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I've been demoralized since Fall '13 and had temporarily halted all game development, but now I'm back, fully charged, and ready to go! Pokemon 3DXP is NOT DEAD!!

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Warning: The Feels...

I'd been demoralized for a while. My $1200 laptop had completely gone under over a faulty power jack, so I had no computer for the Fall '13 semester. A computer Science major with no computer is not a happy camper. I was depressed and my 2 year relationship was crumbling before my eyes. Suffice to say... I was very sad (T-T)... This depression carried into Spring '14 and into Summer, but even after the initial heartbreak had diminished and I'd bought a new laptop, my game development morale was still at an all time low. Finally, I've regained my morale and am ready to make big strides in the coming year. I was going to let Pokemon 3DXP fade while I worked on new original projects, but Pokemon 3DXP gained a lot of attention while I was in my feels, so I have to continue it for the Pokemon Fan community.

Bottom Line: Pokemon 3DXP is Back in Development, along with others...

I am jumping back into developing Pokemon 3DXP, but I've realized that this sizable project requires a team. I'll be posting a separate news article regarding recruiting, so keep an eye out for that.


I'm glad you are back! :D

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Good to see you back and i will be more than glad to help you...
Lets wait and see what you need

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