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It's been awhile since I last update you all on LotA, but I'm back for summer vacation- and LotA is my main focus.

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I started Legends of the Asphodel back in December 2014 and I worked on it a lot during Christmas and New Years break, after that I kinda went silent while working on the game less frequently. Now that finals are over and summer break is in full swing I am back and I'm back with some updates on the game.

Magic System:

I took out the sword combat for the player (for now anyways) and I began using a magic system I got from Unity and so as of right now that is the new means of combat for the player.


I've recently finished the first two quests of the game and I'm starting on the third. I won't say too much but I'll release a video of the quests in action (which does involves combat).

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