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It seems a little break was all I needed. Full steam ahead. Oh, and here is some pictures from the latest build.

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Hello all!

Why? has came out of the small and short development hell I put it through and will be worked on whenever possible!

Stress is a major problem when it comes to developing a mod. The few weeks before I put the mod on hold were all leading up to my finals which thankfully I passed most of them (all except math, but i still passed the class).
In turn, School is over for me and I have a lot more time to do this kind of thing.

Instead of releasing a small unfinished demo, I will be releasing a bunch of pictures taken over the weeks of development, showing cool stuff, or maybe just some proof of concept pictures.
However, the only viewable pictures will be taken from Level Three, labeled Tunnel.

Why? is going episodic.

In one of my brainstorm sessions (a technique I use every Sunday that involves sitting down and deciding what I will do to the mod over the week), I decided, why not make it into episodes?

The first episode labeled The Dream will consist of a collection of very abstract levels that in the end will leave it up to the player to decide what happens/ happened to the character.

The second episode labeled Revelation will explain and make the player go through the story of the character and every action that he took leading up to why indeed he is dreaming.

Pictures are out right now!
Head to the Media section now to observe what I am working on, because truthfully, looking at dev textures isn't very interesting.

First release of Episode 1 is planned to come out anywhere between the beginning of August, and to the latest, the beginning of next year. Alpha testing is due.... I want to say by the end of June?
Maybe somewhere in July?
The alpha however will only be the Third level.

I have actually given up on UDK, it was just too complicated for my set of skills.
While it is an impressive and amazing engine, I don't have that kind of time.

That is all for now, i'll start on a new Header for the top soon because it's kind of crappy.
It was mainly just a place holder.


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