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The Heart of Corruption is a massive, living area of the map in Illyriad, a massively-multiplayer MMORTS. Players have been attacking the beating mass for days but what will happen in the end?

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9/23/2014 - Illyriad Games is proud to announce that one of its best examples of dynamic content,the Heart of Corruption, has begun to beat again in their massively multiplayer RTS, Illyriad! What is the Heart? Well, most of the players call it Audrey for its resemblance to a famous talking plant, but in essence it is a massive, multi-square creature that comes alive only after players "feed" it with enough troops. How many troops? Well, that's part of the mystery!

Players are sent warnings via in-game-messages, texts that will give them clues to how much damage is required, and hints about what the next step in the process might be or when the content will end. Even though Illyriad stands out from many MMORTS' with its active map that features roaming NPCs, predator/prey relationships, active factions and much more, we're proud that Audrey is fun to watch with her beating heart and evil, animated marching units.

The Heart of Corruption is just one example of how Illyriad features a changing world. Players not only have to watch out for each other but can also spend their time decoding mysteries, fighting NPCs, trading, crafting or even working together to destroy a massive, beating demonic heart. We would tell you how much longer the heart will beat for, but that would be giving away the solution to the mystery!

GM Rikoo

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