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Small Article about the proper IkaDoom and his work behind.

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Ikadoom, brings the gameplay of the Treasure game in which it you play as the Ikaruga, a ship capable of changing polarities or colors with which it would protect you from the enemy, which also fires 2 types of projectiles, black - red and blue - white, which would hurt us if we had the wrong color, if a white-blue projectile hit us with the red shield, it would kill us.

A mechanic that I always liked since I know about it, until today, after some little experience with modding, I am able to create this little exercise that would distract me from my personal and large projects, thus ending up in IkaDoom, a simple but interesting idea

The shields, projectiles, bullet hell, are all in Doom itself, thus bringing a new gameplay and interesting mechanics from the aforementioned game, I started working once I told myself that it would be interesting to do it, and after 15 days, maybe less since some days I did not work, I managed to finish this product of which I am proud, maybe it is not a great mod compared to others that are available, but I feel that at least, I could evoke what I felt when playing the great Ikaruga play in my favorite game, Doom

I invite you to try it, I think the experience is worth more than anything, and I hope you enjoy it as much, as I did when creating it, I ended up learning a lot from this project and was really satisfied with my little project, feel free to contact me with any suggestions, bug reports, comments, whatever n.n

Screenshot Doom 20211026 165450

Screenshot Doom 20211027 233336

Screenshot Doom 20211027 233442


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