Post news RSS If you liked Submachine with it's puzzles, you're gonna love The Conundrum!

Introducing The Conundrum, my new episode for Duke Nukem 3D consisting of 6 levels strongly based around puzzles.

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For some time I have been working on and off on a new episode for Duke Nukem 3D - The Conundrum - and now it's time to announce it to the public! I have already shown a little sneak peek of it a couple of months ago with some assorted screenshots, but without telling any details.

The episode consists of 6 levels strongly based around puzzles rather than combat or exploration. The design is minimalistic, with mostly beige and gray colours and strong contrast shadows, but no unnecessary details to derail the player's focus from solving the puzzles. If you liked Submachine, be sure to check it out! Scheduled for release on 16th January 2022.

Highly toxic purple lava, long underwater tunnel and stormy sky - just lovely!

This'll be a barrel of laugh!

A kind of reverse shooting range...

Stay tuned and make sure to visit The Conundrum page on ModDB:

The Conundrum

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