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Anyone have anything than want to do? Anything really. Adding names to a list does get boring from time to time. (Unthinkable, right?) So Anyone have any Ideas of what A group of our combined intelligence should be doing?

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Hey started up an article to jot down any ideas we might want to accomplish. I'm pretty much into anything that's not another list. Maybe a graph............................... or a chart.......................... or something? I dunno, if you think of anything, comment on it, or edit the article. And I don't have the manpower to build a working lightsaber right now, but I like it, keep thinking. Helping out a mod team in some way would be a good start, or selling chocolate bars. Brainstorm.

: Timeline of the Star Wars universe
: The Masterlist
: Build a lightsaber
: Recruit more members - You can now apply, by the way.
: Develop a Bracket
: Something with powerful Non-Force-Users
: Cards
: Reorder the Masterlist for new categories.
: Something with Non Force Users


timeline was my idea. maybe have different members in charge of organizing different eras? and after we can combine all the eras into one large timeline?

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SWLover123456 Author

Yeah, that'd be swell. Just get everyone else to go along with it.

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well ive just about finished the easter minimod for my mod team so ill take some time to put the effort in if i can to help if you tell me what needs doing

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