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I am going to come right out with the ideas just in case you do not want to test the beta map.

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In Never Alone i try to set the standards of making you feel alone by adding a wood like theme with little or no sound. Although you feel alone on the map, there's always something lurking in the forest, some places you would never suspect to look. Some settings will make you panic and fight for your life in less than a second, you must act quick at these moments. Most of the games jumps will be in surprises, at the same time i realized you would eventually stop getting scared after the first few surprises if i over did this technique. So i add a little combine to perk you back into you action mood. The Mod will have less puzzles, but more scenery so that you have to look around and explore everywhere to find the objective or point of interest. One of the most interesting sets in the mod is what i call PP. (No, not Pokemon Power). Player Panic is something that happens at the beginning of the level or the mod, I'm still deciding on this. Player Panic basically is at the start when you have no weapons and your determined to find one. Most players would freak out if some enemy that could kill them came out of nowhere and you had no weapon to kill them. In most mods/games they would give you a weapon before facing lethal enemies. In Never Alone this is not so. You will have to act fast in order to not be killed because as i stated before, you are never alone, even at the start when you are unarmed. If you fall into the Player Panic syndrome then you will for surely die. You must keep calm and keep moving, find your weapon, and enjoy the game.

Ps: First Level is in progress, only to a certain extent, and until i get those comments on the Beta Map which i am uploading soon.

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