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The problem is we an not redo most of the editing.... that and I am working hard at finding a new job the last little wile so there is really no time for me to do anything.
Shawn T

I am! Haha, what can I do?

I got a mailer-daemon from Calvin. Reply on what I should do.

Original Email:

Email (To Anphrax)(The forwarded message is the orginal I sent to iciris):

Anphrax, this is what I have sent to Iciris regarding the United Realizm mod.
Please reply, so that I know you're alive!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

If you have forgotten the link is:
Some stats (of people you are letting down):

Iciris, we have been waiting for five months, for an update. We are
need of your help! Please post some news on what is going on. If you
have stopped supporting your project, upload all your modded files so
the community will help solve the problem.

But please, say something.


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