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We did a lot of work. I hope that our game will not disappoint you.

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Start developing DLC ICED - Land

Friends, we have read all your comments and reviews, and are pleased to announce our start on a new addition that will be added to the game. The ability to play on land. This will take a lot of work and won’t happen straight away. We are very happy with the amount of support you have given us so far and we hope this continues, especially during the development process. We will have a forum available where you can share your opinions and stay up to date with the development of the DLC. Soon we will also add a demo version of ICED

1. The main character will be a man who gets caught by a snow storm while at home.

2. New things will be added for use which can be found in the city.

3. We plan on making 3 different endings for this plot.

4. We will add a small provincial town with a nearby lake shore, on which the main game events take place. The city will also be surrounded by smaller villages that can also be accessed.

5. We plan on adding new features and mechanics, for example a blizzard, that will be difficult to get through without special snowshoes. The ability to use surrounding objects to create a fire and keep warm.

6. In the city, there will be survivors that you can interact with through dialogues. They could also oppose a new danger but you can always agree so you don’t have to start any conflict.

7. A freeplay mode that you can play with your friends. In this mode, you will not need to sleep.

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