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I've got some major changes for the mod, some people will like them others not.

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During the last days I don't dev that much, I play some MW3 and got some new ideas but also get a bit bored of developing.

But ok now let's come to the changes:

First I'll change some weapons again:
The shotguns will all changed

  • W1200 -> SPAS12
  • Benelli M4 -> M1014
  • new -> AA-12

Some assault rifles will be changed

  • AK-47 carbon -> AK-47 black polymer
  • TAR21 -> cut
  • G36C -> changed model

Only one change at the LMG's section

  • AUG -> cut

Also the SMG' section get some changes:

  • MP5 -> new model
  • UMP -> new model

Last but not least the Snipers:

  • M14EBR -> new model
  • Dragunov -> also new model


  • Flashbang into 9-Bang
  • tubes replaced by other attachments or bling
  • variable scope for all snipers (different zoom levels for each sniper)
  • some killstreaks changed
  • ...

Cuz of some reason the alpha version won't be out in multilag, english only, but I'll try to get as much translations as mutch for further versions.

capybara17 - - 280 comments

Please continue to develop this mod =( and don't get bored because we don't want all of your work in this mod to be another Dead and archived mod in MODDB.=(

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3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments

I WILL continue the work, but I take a little break the last don't worry now I'll concentrate again on the mod^^

The target is set and I reach my targets^^

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