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Hello to all, we have just added some new media to the images section and right here in this news post.

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HL2 - ICE is coming along slowly but surely.

With many ideas being thrown around and new concepts being aquired - ICE remains true to its original concept of continuing the hl2-ep2 storyline.

We have added new areas to the mod where the storyline will play out, these include:

UNKNOWN {space locations} - conversations with G-Man and an associate of his.

COLD AREAS - arctic locations where you meet some survivors of the reccent events and bump into a few mutations of once-known-animals.

DEAD CITY - a semi-underground city that was built to keep humans safe from catastrophic situations - untouched as no one ever made it there - now it functions for a select few who found it and currently reside within.

UNDERGROUND LABS - secret laboratories once used for experiments on humans and alien-life-forms now being used to save humanity. You will find some abandoned lower depths that might not be so nice..

Video will be coming very soon so do check us out again very soon.

We are still looking for a coder - capable of adding extra weapons, changing shaders adding effects like headbob etc...


Looks quite interesting, i like it but theres some thing that feels a bit off about most of these. Alot of them looks like they were made with hammer and turned into models with propper, maybe because the models are kinda blocky. Also seems theres a lack of good normals, that might just be me though, not that im great with normals myself. Anyway though, it looks cool and it will be interesting to see what will come next.
Last thing though, personally i think you should try to link the images using dropbox or something. I just find the ads and setup of imageshack annoying but up to you what you use, just my input.

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yeah, currently we need more help with modelling, you are correct some of the models are made with propper and lack normals - BUT they are WIP after all. Hopefully we'll get some more help with the project soon.

Thanks for your input.

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You don't need a coder to code new weapons.
It just copy paste, and change one line in code.

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Timian Author

when did you last do this? doesn't seem to be so simple with the new confused version of source...

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I am a coder myself.
You just have to duplicate a weapon, such as the weapon_smg1. THen replace all the "CWeaponSMG1" with CWeaponYourWeaponName". And then go to the file "c_weapon_stubs_hl2.cpp" and add your new weapon there.


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