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Well, this will be brief.

Sorry about the silence. I haven't had much time to update the moddb, since I use most of my free time on the mod. But I'm in the process of updating the description, the banners, medias, updating the mod's name to "Lylat's Last Stand"(The final name for the mod. We came up with it a few months ago already), etc.. It might take a while before I get that done, but, I think working on the mod is more important at the moment.

We've had many interesting developments, new concept art, new models, we found an animator, etc..
I'll make a proper newspost probably next month eventually..

In the meantime, we're looking for a team manager, particularly one that's motivated and wiling to fix a big organizational mess. There aren't all that much qualifications to have besides being responsible, motivated, outgoing, ponctual and being ready to do some proper teamwork. Having past management experience would be great, along with some knowledge of game development workflow.

We could also use an extra programmer, but I won't hold my breath, given how rare they are.

For applying send me a pm or an email, with a short description, and the post you're applying for.

And finally, we've begun making a very early casting for the voice acting. RennardFuchs is handling everything related to voice acting so email him at this address, with a short description, and what kind of recording hardware you've got. If all goes well, he'll tell you what to do next.

And we would like to thank those that have already applied for voice acting :
Mikayla Kim
Fana McCloud

That's all for now.

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