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Hi, there is another recap, what I have done since last blog. I tuned technical aspects of Zeroes according to feedback which I have gained.

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I let my grandma to play Zeroes, as you may noticed on Twitter, when I was visiting her during weekend. Result was surprising for me. She wasn’t able to move with blocks. It was disappointing view for me. But I figured out where was problem. She slid block instead of touching it first and then slide. Game did not recognized correct input and ignored the touch.

Repair was quite simple. You don’t have to touch block first. Game recognize as touch even slide over first block. There was no problem, when I tested it on grandma again. It is such detail, but it have huge impact on game’s control accessibility. Zeroes is better thanks to my grandma. Thank you, I love you!

I also showed game to my friends in pub some time ago. I remembered one particular problem. There was lag between pressing button and transition to next screen. Friends thought that game got stuck. It is not what you want at all. I found that, it is because Unity was loading next screen. Solution was simple. There is Application.LoadLevelAsync() method, which can do this load in background. I created smooth transitions between screens thanks to this. Yes, there are loadings, but they are fast.

Important announcement is, that I aim for release during September. I don’t have more time. Next semester starts at the end of September, and I will have no time for development. I must be successful. Next realistic possibility for release is next summer holidays, which is not what I want at all. I can certainly say, that some ideas will not be realized during release, like generating music by cellular automaton. But game will be updated after release. It is sad, but game is never finished, you can only abandon it. Wish me luck please (and follow me on twitter)!

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