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Governors... and Talking a bit about direction and troubles and wants. been working on this for a year+. Maybe 2 including deveksmod. I really want to get this finished and move on to something else but i dont want to leave it half way. Some of these issues are just incredible for a novice programmer. Smarts yes. Wisdom no. Smarts might be a little on the weak side anyway. But we got new people coming in. And i got plans man... Plans.

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Oh man i have been working on the governors for some time now.

Rebuilding the code. restructuring the logic. adding checks and balances and more scrap...

Its a can a worms. Slimy and gross.

They key points are.

  • Governors need to build to their government theme type and do that effectively.
  • They need to be able to scrap buildings when money is tight.
  • They need to allow the AI to advance.
  • They need to not frustrate the player.
  • They need to make sense to the player.
  • They need to defend themselves.
  • They need to build gradually.
  • They need to pay attention to several growth aspects.

So... they are better. But there are holes in the logic still. But they are better. I am working on adding a system where player added buildings will be treated differently and bypass governor needs. the flip is the idea of buildings the player doesnt want the AI to build.

Then make sure the UI can show these things so that the player doesnt have to keep track of it. XNA without XNA studio.

But like i said they are better. They will work within and adjust to the economy they live in based on the planets ability.

Thats governors.

Latest Unstable Version

Latest Unstable Version

Blackbox 925 - Mod DB

Now content. This is something that i really want to get into. The game is working. Its still not perfect but its getting close to having bugs that can be overlooked. If its good enough i want to get the content started.

  • Fix the revorant mission.
  • add more minor races and missions.
  • add more inter empire missions.
  • add more event types.
  • add some personality to the universe.
  • Add some timeline information of ships.
  • Crews or notable officer history.
  • Create a ship story.
  • Create a hero system.

If you want to see more content in the game then vote here: Upvote content question

Bigger things. I really really really really really want to put stamp on this phase of the mod and say its done. It was supposed to be done a year ago but the incoming changes that destabilized the game and the existing issues that allready did that were gruesome. there are still a could of bugs that i want to kill but can not find out how yet.

Memory.... I can fix this... Well enough. its just a matter of figuring out how to limit ship designs in such a way that the AI can still get good ships. I have a plan. I have one. It just has one issue I am having trouble solving which is how many dry tech runs need to be done to say only choose ships that use these techs.

Firing issues... These require maths. there are a couple places where the AI will not be able to hit a target. Thats makes me nutty as loading a save will generally clear the issue so i cant try stuff and see if works. sort of blind fixing.

Anyway. This version IS just about done.

Things we are working on.

  • Memory issues.
  • Ship pathing
  • Governors.
  • All the little bugs.
  • Cleanup.
  • Get a lets play.

If you have any desire to post a lets play video... Knock it out please and ill link it and give credit on the main page here or at least in the videos list.


Wow vary ambitious turn of events here...I did not realize you wanted to add more content...I thought your sole intention was to fix the bugs...and some glaring bugs...which you have valiantly tried. What are you coding in? Perhaps I could help. Not with the algorithms though...

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CrunchyGremlin Author

Heh. Maths... Bleh. Wish i had taken more math in college. Discreet math and logic was what i went for. Trignometry and basic area and arc calculation which the code is supposed to make easier... balls.

Hell yeah. Come on in. Make yourself a bitbucket account and send me your bitbucket user name.
Its an open project. Take a look. Do some stuff. Ill try to update the repository home page with better rules for submission and what not soon.
If you want to drop out feel free. Just try to leave it better than when you came in.

But basically im trying to run on a monthly cycle. Add a bunch of new features and what not and get it stable before the end of the month for a stable monthly release and a daily unstable release.

arg those bugs... Some of them i have been trying to squish for years. Some of them we have added and cant easily remove.

Yes content. The game so badly needs it. and its not rocket science. Some of it involves improving the content code.
More types of things that can happen. Better interface controls.
Its not like a whole lot would be needed to make the universe a lot more lively.
Fix the revoran event and add a few more like it. add in some more racial diplomacy quest events.

not too hard really just need to build up the code so it can do it.
Its missing a few bit that make it needed. Some of this i already did in deveks mod but deveks mod was a hack where this is a full on source project. (with the devs ok) its not exactly source. Like i say its decompiled cil, fixed, and working. Powerful stuff.
Never had this kind of opportunity in a game before. Its f'ing awesome.

C#. which was likely a bad choice as we could have done j# or a couple of other choices which arent really "better" but they are more main stream. C# is easy though.
I went from being someone that could kinda read someone else code to being able to create working multithreaded code. Which in .net isnt really all that incredible.

but yes come on board. youll get a planet in game and creds on this page.

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Blackbox2 as a group name on bitbucket...

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CrunchyGremlin Author

I cant give a group access to the repository it seems... i can give a user access and then control that users groups access.
i think.

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