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Thanks again everybody for your participation, bug detection and suggestions, everything makes a difference.

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I Shall Remain

I Shall Remain fifth update is here. As always, a combination of content (4 new maps), brand new features (Steam Achievements vers1.0, Fixed Camera controller ver1.0, Infected area completely redone, Camera pan, Infected selection, Main character outline) and updated features (Discussion dialog with support for teammate dialogs, Improved tooltips and fonts) and a new Teammate (Jim Beret) are the highlights of this release.

I Shall Remain

October update changes

- Jersey Suburbs, Jersey Medical, Ellis Island Bridge, Ellis Island maps are in
- Steam Achievements (14 test achievements, the current achievements will likely change during development, a lot more will be added)
- Jim Beret teammate can now be hired from Holland Train Yard map
- He is specialized on melee and repair
- Blacksmith ability - Any repair operation within the team costs 2 scraps less
- Craftsman ability - Allows to upgrade weapon rarity (automatically upgrades existing effects on that weapon)
- New 'Fixed camera controller' (version 1.0 is in, we will update it with new features as we get more feedback from the community)
- The camera stays fixed on the player and follows its position
- use WASD to move the player
- use LeftMouse to attack
- Use RightMouse to rotate around without attacking
- Use MiddleMouse to rotate camera around player
- Discussion dialog majorly updated
- any teammate can now have his own dialog lines
- we can now select which character is driving the discussion at any moment
- discussion history added (we can now see the whole discussion in a linear manner)
- font changes, discussion protagonists added to history
- Infected UI window completely redone
- Information about any Infected type we got in contact with
- Information about any supported mutation for each infected type
- More accurate logic to get experience when killing infected (taking into consideration the unit, weapon type and damage with that weapon for each unit hitting a specific infected)
- Quick events and information are shown in quest window
- We can now select units with the mouse in Pause Mode (Ctrl) and see their properties
- We can now pan the camera with RightMouse button pressed in Pause Mode (Ctrl)
- We can now see an outline of our character behind walls (this way we can track him even in tight spaces - we might add this for teammates and/or Infected)
- We can now pan when we are in go to position setup for teammates (using right click pressed and moving the mouse). Canceling this operation it's done now with middle click
- We can now highlight Barrels objects when hovering over
- Add tooltips for Options controls (we can now see information about each option and details for each choice)
- New tooltip implemented which uses different fonts regarding resolutions (they scale with the resolution)
- Overall Font changes
- Started work on the new character and animations (not yet available)
- Added chainsaw weapon resources (not yet in)
- Added three new interior textures for houses
- We show hints about specific game aspects when loading a scene
- CJ and Michael have different clothes now
- Started work on a second Infected type of textures
- Optimal distance for ranged weapons do not affect chance to hit (which means we will hit more often so it doesn't frustrate players who used to miss a lot)
- Fixed a major issue related to not being able to finish the Prologue (this happen with any quest relying on putting something into a bed)
- Increased specular for rainy weather, this improves the overall quality of textures in certain circumstances
- Prologue scene upgraded
- Fixed "the game freeze when pressing escape while in create or delete profile windows" issue
- Add percent from Intelligence to experience for all actions (0.2*Intelligence)
- 'Cursor stuck in left top corner issue' fixed
- Camera Controller and Slow Motion options added to main.ini and Options UI
- Fixed a major crash when teammates were walking and they got killed
- Fixed a strange crash with picking up blood
- Help texts are shown for 15 seconds only (removes the issues with text being all over the screen)
- Implement "inflict weakness" weapon effect
- Fixed "Do not show tiredness and infection images in survive game mode when coming from prologue and story"
- strafe animations adjusted by walk run speed bonus (they weren't using it)
- new sepia adjustment, there's less red now
- Add "you cannot take a new quick event if other is active" logic
- Bullets hit the target at chest level now (not over their heads)
- Adjust weapon's critical hit damage tooltip.
- Hide rewards icons when toggle between quest pages in quest window.
- Serum explicative tooltip added
- near camera distance set to 0.1 so it doesn't clip too early (this removes some of the issues with seeing through buildings where you weren't suppose to)
- Fix crash when hitting a barrel "Update monster info problem" issue
- Fix for the survive game mode not resetting correctly on death
- Fixed multiple issues with wrongly positioned scrolling text/books
- Added zone info for each quick event
- Shown info about damage penalties in accuracy penalty icon in player HUD.
- Adjusted progress calculation for Rank progress bar in Infected window.
- Fixed spawners in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center map for the Tank Defend the area mission
- Fixed "defend the area infected spawners doesn't spawn infected if you are already in trigger" issue.
- Make that the scroll bar will appear on some controls without the need to drag them.
- Do not show the same open dialog text for trainers after each rank or skill increase purchase.
- Fix "enforce icon doesn't show for equip slots" issue.
- Marauder weapon range decreased considerably so if they are outside screen they will need to get closer to you to attack. This should improve the experience fighting these infected
- Taunt mutation it's now following the rules of all other mutations (was always present in the past)
- Fixed unstoppable mutation for Halflings
- Adjusted max mutation values for some of the mutations
- Fix for a crash that happened when we have infected who are created before the controller is created
- Fixed the issue with immediately spawned enemies being un-selectable with the mouse in Paused Mode
- Tooltip window color adjusted
- Fixed new maps won't clear when we start a new game
- Fix "Slow motions settings doesn't save" issue.
- Chain's journey book in Train Yard scene is now spawned only once.
- Add quick event in prologue "return to hospital before time expires'
- Change 'enforce' keyword with 'reinforce' as suggested on our forum
- Fixed the issue with the character walking when we exit the pause state even if we don't press any button (this happened only with the second controller)
- Don't set the x-ray material if it's already set (optimization)
- The character turns into the direction of the mouse pointer when we throw grenades/flares with the fixed camera controller
- The mouse pointer now changes color depending on the optimal attack distance in fixed camera controller
- The old controller max zoom angle changed a bit (should allow us to see farther but will not go as low as it did before)
- Fix for looking into a too wide area to position the player on scene enter (crashed in some circumstances)
- Adjusted rendering priority for particle systems for some of the scenes
- Invulnerable teammates won't evade enemy projectiles anymore
- Fixed "locations doesn't appear on world map" issue.
- Talk distance to NPCs increased to 2.5m
- Adjustments to teammates chosen values for attributes and skills.
- We remove teammate invulnerability when we recruit it
- Disable the Shoot key in Redefine keys (for this version this cannot be modified)

I Shall Remain

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