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Some news about the progress and why i need more feedback. Turned out bigger than i had planned.

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You as the players will probably have encountered some bugs and flaws that i have overlooked while playtesting. I am still trying to balance things out, but i REALLY NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. If you experience that a unit XYZ is underpowered or bugged, please tell me about it! There is a comment section, please use it! I am looking at the comments on a regular basis and i wish there would be more comments like "Hey spaceship, you should take a look at the New Republic SD, it has bad firepower and is slow, and it is way too expensive", so that i can change it. I can find a lot of flaws by playtesting, but it is still not enough. Things are bugged, things aren't perfect, and i want to know what you find, and that is not limited to campaigns not working etc., but also to general galactic conquest/skirmish stuff like units, heroes, buildings that are underpowered, overpriced or not working properly, or lack textures. It means that you tell me about bad planet positions that make things fiddly.

So, an overview over what bad balanced stuff i found:


-The Venator seems too strong to me. It has everything: Lots of firepower, decent speed, decent shields, lots of fighters, GOOD FIGHTERS, strong hull, and it is less expensive than a star destroyer! I will probably reduce the hangar capability and also nerf the fighters that come from the Venator, because those are overpowered as well. Also i will reduce hitpoint health.

-The (currently unplayable) Praetor SD needs serious buffing and some general overhauling. It has bad firepower and stuff. After i made that, it will be playable.
It is supposed to be the more shooty brother of the Imperial Star Destroyer, with less fighters and other things.

Rebel Alliance:

-Most ships of the Rebels are underpowered. They mostly lack hitpoint health and hitpoint number. They should have more damage output also, but i think i will just leave it like that and only have a few damage dealers that are very good at that but quite expensive. Rebels are tanky and speedy when it comes to space battles.

-Weird bug makes the hangar hitpoint of some ships appear at the left corner of the screen and makes fighters spawn randomly on the space map.

-Some texture bugs are the reason why there are no Nebulon B2 and Assault Mk2 Frigates. They are just bugged and it looks bad, so i leave them away for now.

-Y-Wings aren't strong enough. I need to buff them so they can compete with X-Wings.


-The lack of defense against fighters and own fighter spawning capabilities is solved by the special units that do exactly those things:
Crusader Gunship
Providence Cruiser
Lucrehulk Battleship
More to come...

-The Lucrehulk Battleship has turned out to be a frickin' huge colossal monster. It spawns lots of fighters and takes a lot of effort to destroy, because it is so damn huge and has such a strong hull. I am not sure if it is overpowered. I have always retreated because i didn't want to put my fleet at risk. These behemoths are really doing their job. They are scary. For a reason. I will limit their numbers.

-Providence cruisers are similar to Venators. Meaning they might be overpowered. I will have to have a closer look at them too.

-The B1 Droids are little bit too slow i think. Not sure though.

All factions:

-Space stations suck in space combat, even the Level 5 is still too easy to destroy, it needs more staying power. I will not increase the firepower significantly though. It is still a space station, not a huge battleship. It just gets destroyed ridiculously quick.

Please give me feedback and opinions on the ships and units.


hi, i struggle to dowload it, i have tried several times, can u please make a single version with everything in it to play, as it looks awesome, also, did u say there was campains on it?

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spaceship_2012 Author

Can you tell me what exactly is the problem? Because putting everything into one version wouldn't solve the problem if you can't download it, and would maybe even make it worse.

Yeah, the galactic conquest campaigns have been changed as well and i plan to make a mod-specific campaign.

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