Post news RSS I need a vote/several opinions: Switch from FPSC To Unity?

Basically just asking if I should switch to Unity over FPSC.

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Alright, guys, so I've been debating with myself about this for awhile now.
I'm curious as to if I should move the game over to the Unity Engine.

If I do this, several things will happen.
Firstly, the negative part of this:
1. The entire game gets redesigned
2. All monsters, scares, visuals, textures, get replaced/redesigned
3. Production will take much longer
4. It's unsure on what I will and can add to the game with my limited knowledge of Unity at the current moment, and may take longer for the next updates if I decide to switch
The POSITIVES, however:
1. The game gets redesigned (Good because then I can place it much better in the way I wanted to)
2. All models will be new and hopefully unique, or at least something I have obtained thanks to friends and family helping me design
3. There will be better graphics quality and game quality overall
4. More interesting concepts and Ideas can be implemented into the game

Basically, the reason I want to switch is due to several reasons. Mainly because I'm too limited with FPSC.
Being too limited is pretty much the highlight of it all though.

Now, in terms of when I switch, it'd be AFTER I update the game ONE MORE TIME.
A day before Halloween is the next time I update the game.
That being said, if I get more people saying yes OR I just decide after thinking about it, I'll be switching to Unity after the next update.
I want to do so much more and make so much more, and I really hope that people would be okay with the idea of it getting switched to another engine.
It won't be easy for me, or for those of you who have been following patiently since the beginning, but If I do switch, I guarantee, so much more work will be put into creating a game for all of you that's enjoyable and free.
Please, say "yes" if you want me to switch to Unity, or "no" if you want me to stay on FPSC.
Either way, I'll see when it comes to Halloween.

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