Post news RSS [I Like Bacon!] has been updated to version 1.1.x!

Gameplay methods and scoring methods have been improved. And many other things have changed.

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Many changes have occurred in the version 1.1.x.

-You can no longer make negative records. All records are saved with positive values only.

-When you return to the starting point, you will see a wall that you can not go anymore.

-The negative record disappears from the record view and only the positive value is displayed.

-The background changes at a constant distance. Certain backgrounds have a specific impact on the player character.

-The obstacle graphic image changes with the background.

-Some food graphic images have changed.

-Three kinds of poisonous food have been added. These foods are harmful to eat.

-The speed at which you run and the speed at which you lose stamina have been adjusted as a whole.

-In the results screen, a menu has been added that allows you to view the overall ranking based on the record you just played.

-The player character displays a message explaining the situation.

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