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ok i have to explain now why i have been so done lately.

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do not and i repeat DO NOT down load the demo i will remove,if you want to get the full version then i will upload the content onto a file for the 88 flak site since this mod profile is now illegal ... i think... so if you want it make a LEGAL profile on the 88 flak site where you can then dload it from my forum where it will be discussed and such.i apolagise fox if you read this for not telling you sooner but i had my group on steam,my lp,and now my lil sis is wanting me to call her for ideas for HER youtube thing so all of you go to the 88 flak site and GET A LEGAL COPY OF MY ADDON(possibly)FOR 88FLAK..................ok im sooooooooooooo sorry for saying that its late and im alittle tired so dont bitch at me at 12:00 am and after saying im a troll cuz im just slow as hell and i was REEAAALLLLY tired when i wrote the frontpage for the mod so there NOW SHUT UP ABOUT IT MY KEYBOARD FUCKED UP AND I WAS IN A RUSH TO WRITE THE FRONT PAGE BEFORE I WENT TO BED AT LIKE 2:00 AM! >:( now ill get the stuff on 88 flak in the morning my kid's gotta school thing to go to so ill be in the clear. now just dont bitch at please im new at this so please go easy on me.

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