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After a long gap since my last update I have now begun working on the project again and have a few new pictures of a area I am working on, also other news about re-working previous maps and ideas.

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After a relatively long gap since I had last updated the custom story I have finally returned, I had lost my drive to continue working but I have returned with more experience and ideas. With this I have a few pictures to show of what I have begun working on, I will also be going back and re-working previous levels to bring them up to standards.

There will be some upcoming story re-works such as a relatively important one, the date of the story. I am also working on new ideas and I am debating ways to make the story challenging and have a sense of consequences for your actions, hopefully to make people think more rather than being able to blindly run into a room yelling at in-animate objects. But to do so is challenging to make it have consequences without being too challenging or frustrating, I still hope to somehow accomplish this though.

I hope to bring in more updates in the coming days.

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