Post news RSS I have finished summoning the first wave of characters!

Complete versions of all the characters in the header complete, along with a couple others. More personalities to come.

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It's cool to hear all the new characters in UT2004 (especially at consistent, reasonable volumes), and now there are other characters in my purview whose voices are so easily and naturally adapted for this game... or for all its modded versions I should say ^_^
I'm hoping to add a bit to Lady Vashj's voice, she's still one of my favorites, but so far I haven't gotten good stuff from cut scenes to augment either her or the Terran Marine, so feel free to leave a comment if you know of some more quotes from them I could snag from a video somewhere (background noise also isn't such a bane with audacity's noise remover).
Well, it's safe to expect at least another couple Warhammer 40K voices, and Adam Jensen, Liam Neeson, and George Takei deserve to battle it out in UT2004, so one or more of them will probably have his personality imported to a battlefield near you!

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