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I need scripters, scene makers, a mapper, a texturer. Anyone who has always been inspired by Ancient Egypt please let me know if you are willing to help me out. This is my first time making a mod for M&B Warband.

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The content that will be featured(as it is my goal) are the following:

I will need a mapper to make the map that Includes Egypt with the Nile river etc.

Companions: Characters like Zaia & her boyfriend, Bek from the film itself plus other custom companions I have yet to add.(as in make up a name)


Egypt will be divided between Osiris & Set. Osiris has control over Central Egypt(The Osharian Kingdom representing the Ancient Kingdom)

Upper Egypt will be ruled by Set(The Inferno Dominion, representing a rival Ancient Kingdom. So he is actually a usurper)

Minor Faction: There will be one minor faction. Sinai rebels from the Sinai region that will help Osiris against Set's upcoming invasion. They will also help in preventing Set from building his Pyramid which would bring chaos over the entire world.(and be enslaved by Set)

The time period will estimate to be around 10,000 BC to about 3100 BC(So Ancient Times before the formations of dynasties)

I will need a scripter or scripters for the following(chariots included) & texturers for the details of the pyramids as well as the interior of explorable tombs(like hieroglyphics)

Scenes: The Great Pyramids & Great Sphinx of Giza in the capital city as well as decorated city walls.

Tombs that can be explored with your companions(much like in the mod Novas Aetas where you could explore the jungles, only you couldn't explore with your companions)They will also have hierglyphics if I can get an experienced artist to make that.

Buildings/houses with artwork decorated on the borders of doors etc like the Ancient Egyptian Cities.

Monuments dedicated to the Pharaohs, Priests, & Gods

An extra cool feature is the ability to hire assassins such as the image you see above to do your bidding

Temples that you, the player can visit

Troops: Egyptian Khopesh Warriors(They will be called Osharion/Inferno Khopesh Warriors etc)

Egyptian Spearmen, axemen(Osharian Chosen Spearmen, Inferno Spearmen)

Egyptian Gods(Horus, Osiris, Thoth, Anubis etc)

Medjai(an elite group of warriors that protect the Pharaoh himself)

Anubites under the command of Anubis himself

Archers/warriors upon Chariots pulled by horses

Egyptian Archers

The troops & names of two of the factions have been changed. Now the map, items, weapons, armor etc are all that's left. I will upload the troop trees shortly.

List of stuff left to finish:

Banners(Inferno Dominion's Banners have yet to be made), 3D modeling items, texturing them which I need some instruction on how(I have searched everywhere, I can seem to figure out how to texture items completely)Exporting and importing them afterwards should be fine afterwards. Currently working on 3D modeling Egyptian Soldier armor.Hopefully it can be a success.

List of stuff I need help with:

I need a 3D Modeler for

New items like weapons

Khopesh swords

Egyptian Shields

Various Egyptian/Sinai Rebel armor:

Egyptian head cloth with striped colors of red & gold, blue & gold

Common soldier armor,boots,gloves

Elite Armor,boots,gloves

Egyptian Gods Armor

Egyptian Chariots

Making custom scenes such as explorable tombs and adding them onto the campaign map


Mapping(Map of Egypt) if Thorgrim's map editor worked, I would not be asking for help.Turns out I do need assistance because the editor does not work.

I will need one who knows how to add in the feature of chariots for Egypt mainly

I will need a scene editor who knows how to make custom scenes needed for this mod such as Pyramids,Monuments in cities(Pyramids may be located in several cities but mainly the Capital) Monuments will almost be in every city. As for walls & gates, they will be slightly tall, wide, decorated with hieroglyphics. The gates will be wooden.

Now one other person I need is one who knows how to add custom music(if you know how, contact me & we can work together for that part since I will need to tell you which soundtracks I'd like to be added)

And I already have a friend who knows how to code for features like exploration & building Monuments(he slightly knows how, therefore an extra few coders is welcome to help out if he is stuck)

As for the custom dialogue, I will see what I can do with that.If I can't figure it out, help would be appreciated. I am hoping to add my own story line intro to this mod similar to Light & Darkness Heroes of Calradia.

I have some good news guys. If I succeed in making at least one 3D model of a weapon/item or even armor for this mod, I will upload it to show you all.

NEW UPDATE I have added my own custom music into the mod(Right now its only for the title screen on the menu) The soundtrack is from The Mummy (1999) if you remember watching the film. I have added lots more soundtracks from tv shows such as Merlin etc. Custom sounds of when certain units die have also been added.Hope you enjoy!

Another Update: For those of you who know how to texture objects like horses, would importing an image work? I tried this and so far no luck. (Some advice and instructions or a link to a tutorial video about this will be useful please) (I am texturing the chariot atm and I am having trouble making it appear as I want it.)

New Update: Note for upcoming alpha with some changes like retextured items, troops and even a new intro in the beginning(no not the action intro, the one with words) that Set's Elite troops known as the Inferno Chosen Shadowhounds are very op. You must assemble an army strong enough to counter them!(I have tested this myself and won but through many casualties.)Hope you guys will enjoy when it is released!And last but not least, turns out after some research, the time period of this mod will be set during the Ancient Years from 10,000 BC to 3100 BC (formation of the first dynasty of Ancient Egypt)

New Update: I made the map of Egypt using Ink scape and I think it is well done. But now to make it in blender will be difficult. I am hoping to at least get the map done for the upcoming alpha release. I will need some help & instruction on how to texture than import the new items that I have made(like for example the chariot, the Egyptian sword & eventually the Khopesh sword) Than afterwards, I will work on adding custom scenes and eventually adding extra units like Anubites) please read this in order to help me out!! Thank you!

New Update!!!: Guys I got permission from the creator of the Sands of Faith mod to use his map so now that has been done! Its a miracle.

NEW UPDATE: Almost finished moving the towns, villages and castles on the map. I guess new items will not be imported for the alpha but later versions instead. Although I will change the first starting quest saving the Merchant's brother(It will be a surprise to what I will change it to) Troops have been changed(items such as the khopesh sword, Egyptian sword, the chariot and perhaps even armor in the future will not be added just yet)Faction names, lords and two of the Kings names have been also changed. I only have Set's Banners to complete now. New Music has been added.(A mix of Ancient Egyptian and maybe other familiar soundtracks you may have heard)And well that's all the changes for the alpha. More changes are to be made soon. But yes the alpha will be out as soon as I finish moving the icons on the map,delete 3 factions I do not need, edit one faction that will be minor so it will be a smaller faction, than change the beginning mission and that will be all. Than Alpha release!

NEW UPDATE: ALPHA ALMOST READY!!HUZZAH!I have a feeling this mod has alot of potential and I will not stop until I succeed at making it to its full capacity. I think the Alpha is pretty good so far(I have been testing)One thing though, this alpha will be given only to a few testers before public release.

Credits of the Map goes to thewanderingknight, Head dev of the Sands of Faith mod

Credit for people who helped me out:




Pigrik(for the theme and sending me a link to a download for stuff to change the scenes etc) Thank you man!!

Current Mapper: Lightlaw123

Items & scene making, models: Syabr & his friend

Help is needed for adding diplomacy & the PBmod. If anyone is an expert and knows how to, please let me know in the comments down below. I have done my best and so far no luck...I might as well get on with the scene making.

My developing team so far:

Lightlaw123, Mapper and Scene Maker

syabr & his friend, Scene modeling(Currently working on models for scenes)

3D Modeler for items is needed!(We need items such as Khopesh swords, spears, shields,Egyptian armor, chariots with horses(hopefully with the animations like from the Imperia Rome mod for warband)

Thanks to all who supported me & to all who still do!

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