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Hey guys, This has been a trail and error feedback based project for 3 weeks now that aims at making the game not only have more replay value, but aims to bring players together for a coop experience similar to that of the classic arcade game - Overwhelming odds, fast based play, a cost to enjoy! This mod is not meant for the casual gamer as much as someone who wants to fight through the zombie apocalypse. There's a reason you've survived the initial outbreak, so be ready to keep on fighting!

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This mod is a continued effort to bring realism to Dying Light, it will continue to have updates based on user feedback!

The more you let me know from the field, the faster I can work towards bringing this mod to completion.

Please message me, post feedback, or rate based on your game play style. When you post make sure to let me know why this mod does/doesn't work for you and why. I aim to bring forward a mod that is playable for everyone, and that everyone wants to enjoy.

I have included 3 versions of this mod:
The Ultimate survivor - Hard
The Survivor - Medium/Hard
(No Zombie MODS) - Easy

This should help any player decide his game style. Please don't include why you hate zombies that are hard, because that's the point of this mod!

The Ultimate Survivor
I Am Legion (The Ultimate Survivor)

The Survivor
I Am Legion (The Survivor)

SaveGame file 1st Mission
I Am Legion - SaveGame file 1st Mission


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