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I am back from Germany and have resettled into high school life. Development is now back in progress.

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I have been away for about 2 months but development is resuming. I may go inactive sometimes but i'm here till it's done. Here is the progress on the classes and the overall progress on the bottom. Here is a key for the this list and future lists

[X] Not done [X✓] Almost done [✓] Done

  • Default Marine [✓] Done
  • Splitter Marine [X] 85% In advanced testing
  • Plasma Ranger [X] 50% Beginning advanced testing
  • Heavy Marine [X] Not started
  • Commander [✓] Done
  • The Gunslinger [X] 25% Menu being coded in
  • The Scout [X] 15% Leveling being planned out
  • The Augmented Marine [X] 30% Adding in the last few weapons and finalizing menu
  • Special Ops Marine [X✓] 99% Small bug crunching and slight balancing
  • All of the other classes have yet to be started [X]
  • Overall update progress [X] 60%

New classes

  • The special ops marine. His only class weapon is a sword which upon reaching level 1 can be upgraded to deflect projectiles back at the enemy. Deflection requires the player to swipe with the sword at the projectile which will bat it back at the enemy, this needs to be timed. Spamming it will result in death especially when there are a lot of projectiles. His special allows him to temporarily freeze time at the cost of health. Doing this while low health WILL kill the player.

  • The Augmented Marine, equipped with the most advanced UAC technology the augmented marine has an entire military arsenal quite literally IN his hands. Instead of a weapon upgrade menu he has an Augments menu. This unlocks new unique weapons all require different amounts of energy and having different uses. Ranging from precision long range attacks to shotgun like blasts of fire this marine is capable of taking on the fiercest of enemies with a bit of thought and smart energy use. Energy automatically regenerates while not firing and most weapons have cast times.
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