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So, I'm back working on the mod since I got all of my stuff from the previous computer onto my new laptop. I'm ready to get back to work in full speed.

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though, I'm pretty sure, not a lot of you missed me. Considering some of you have already forgotten about me. BUT HEY!

I got all of my stuff onto my laptop and I'm good to go!

Progress Report:

Not Much.

Angel Wings:

  • Started to clean up my code, since I realize how messy it is.
  • Making more Hovercraft-based and laser-based weapons?
  • Making more Helicopters? Getting ideas.

Red Skulls:

  • All tank/ground vehicular units, except the super unit, are done!
  • All Mech units, except the super unit, are done!
  • The first few drone units are done.
  • Barracks Model!

Going to happen:

So I realize the code is a tangled mess since all I've been doing was replace existing units, so I'm doing right now is to make Angel Wings, Red Skulls and Earth's Saviors as a separate faction with their own objects codes and what-not.

This is also so that you can play the original factions while still be able to play the added factions(to see how the new factions are OP, I suppose)

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