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I forgot to let my moddb community know that I am away for several months due to a real-life obligation I informed them on other community sites of mine but not here. It's time to do so.

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I regret to inform you that I will be away from home for several months a real life obligation of mine that requires my presence away from home which denies my access to my PC and free time to work on my mods and projects.

Heres a youtube video that will give more details about the matter.

I did inform my community in other sites but I forgot to update my mod DB Community here. The total time that I must stay away from home is 9 months. So far there have been exactly six months since then which means that only three months are left until I come back home and resume working on my projects.

My sincere apologies that I didn't inform you in time and that I haven't updated the rooftops 2 release date to something more realistic. As you know that release date was set on December 12th of 2020 which is not possible because I have to be away from home like I explained above. I forgot to update the release date which led many people and followers to believe that the mod will be released very soon I am once again sorry about that misunderstanding.

But worry not. Hopefully I'll have plenty of time and comforts to work on it once I'm back in three months.

Until then watch the stuff I have scheduled on my youtube to keep my channel alive.

Thank you all for your support.


Take all the time in the world. dude!

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Spi-Hamentsios10 Hey SPi, long time no see. I wish you best of luck on whatever endeveaour you're up to!

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SPi-99 Author

Thanks i appreciate it!

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