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Due to the discontinuance of the Project and the fact that it is a too powerful matrix with many possibilities to have it aspirating dust, we have decided to release the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod under the Creative Common by-sa License

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HaZardModding RPG Mod now under CC by-sa License.

Due to the discontinuation of the project and the fact that the Script Mod is too valuable a matrix with many possibilities to allow it to simply aspirate dust,
we have decided to release the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod under the Creative Common by-sa License.

Please note that this statement explicitly EXCLUDES the HaZardModding Co-op Script Mod!

What is this Mod about ?

It is a script based server side driven advanced level script. In essence it is a clone of the HaZardModding Co-op Mod version 4.1. The HaZardModding RPG Script Mod brings new features already known from the Co-op Mod to the game such as:
Features with the mark (build-in) are already implemented and working.

  1. Unique target names (built-in)
    Every player now has a unique target name, unlike before, where referring to the entity player could cause a disaster or even worse a random server crash. The target name goes for each player by the regular prefix "player" and a unique id; Example: $player1, $player2, $player3, etc. The id's start with 1 NOT with 0!
  2. Unique Equipment for each player
    Each player can be given a unique weapon, item or ability
  3. Independent Class system (built-in)
    For each map/level, different classes can be defined, classes can be used to restrict or grant access to abilities. This Class system is always available and is independent from the game type and game modifier.
  4. Rank System (built-in)
    The rank system is a unique feature developed especially for the RPG Mod. It is similar to the Class system, but can be combined with the classes. Players with the same class can have a different rank and therefore different restrictions and allowances.
  5. Server Setting Management (build-in)
    The Server Settings can be temporary or permanently overwritten.
  6. Customizable Objective System (build-in)
    You can set objectives for each map which will be printed to each player's chat-console.
    objectives screenshot
  7. Customizable Replicator System (build-in)
    Replicators can be dynamically spawned and the set of replicable items can be defined for each replicator individually or for all replicators at once.
And what is the license about ?
First of all, this Creative Common by-sa license is irrevocably attached to the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod.

The Creative Commons by-sa License gives you as ordinary citizen the following rights and commitments when working with the materials, including materiality and immateriality contents regarding the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod (the additions made to the CC by-sa License are included):

  1. TO SHARE — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
    This means: If the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod remains unaltered, you are allowed to:
    Offer it for download, share it with anyone, include it in your Media.
  2. TO REMIX — to adapt the work
    This means: You are allowed to create and release your own Projects
    based on these files, at which you will hold the Intellectual-Property
    and Copyright of your personal created additional creations.
  3. ATTRIBUTION — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
    This means:
    Each of your releases must include the following statement in each of your release-notes, readme-files and info-files.

    HaZardModding wrote: Based upon the HaZardModding RPG Mod, Matrix provided by HaZardModding developed for the HaZardModding Co-op Script Mod.
    HaZardModding Team Website:

  4. Share Alike — If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license.
    This means: You are forbidden to make any changes to the attached license which could change the meaning of the license. Remember that you only hold rights on these parts which are entirely your own as in material means as well as in immaterial means.

ADDITIONS - Additions made to the CC by-sa licensed Project: HaZardModding RPG Script Mod

  1. In each of your releases you must include the unaltered original archive containing the HaZardModding RPG Script Mod as delivered originally.
  2. Your release must carry a different name, associative or lingual name similarities or cloning whether intended or not are strictly prohibited.The abbreviations RPG, Mod and the word Script are common used words and can be used further in any combination in the name of your mod.
  3. The name HaZardModding RPG Script Mod is a Service Mark and protected Intellectual Property, you are NOT allowed to make use of this name without explicit written permission of the Intellectual Property holder Christian Sebastian Strahl.
  4. The name HaZardModding, with upper-case letters H, Z, M in the word HaZardModding or as an abbreviation in association with our Products is Intellectual Property held by Christian Sebastian Strahl and constitutes a Service Mark (SM). You are forbidden to make use of this name in any way that suggests that any member of the HaZardModding Team endorses you or your use of the work, without explicit written permission of the Intellectual Property holder.
Where to download the package ?

You can grab it directly here from or head over to the HaZardModding Team Website

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