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So many new features in this new update, you can check the video!

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---------- New Features and Improvements ----------

Level items now synchronizes with the music
- Now, certain objects will react to the music by glowing, moving, growing, or doing something else, adding more energy and making levels even more exciting and lively.

Screenshot 3

Levels can now setup ambience lights separatedly and also independently for combat mode (sky, equator and ground global lights), giving levels much more customization

Screenshot 4

New enemy kill particles
- Enemy death particles now fit with the colors of the enemies
- Enemy death particles are now 3D
- Death particles now move in the direction of the last hit, killing enemies is muuuch more satisfying

GIF 28 04 2023 11 26 18

New hit effect added for weapon attacks
- Slash effects: each melee hit landed on enemies now creates a new visual hit effect, this slash effect's color depends on the color of the weapon
- Bullet hit effects, each bullet hit landed on enemies now creates a new visual hit effect, this hit effect's color depends on the color of the bullet

Throwing improvements
- Throwable items now are thrown correctly and keep the inertia from the hands and player.
- Increased the throw force of throwable items.
- Increased the precision when throwing items.
- Lowered the bounce factor of the throwable bomb

Screenshot 6

Skins table (work in progress, skins doesnt work in multiplayer, most skins are placeholder for testing)

Improved and New NPC modules in level editor
- Movement module (Changes)
· Now has different rotation settings:
· None, doesnt rotate the NPC
· Displacement direction, Looks at the direction of the displacement
· Only Y axis, looks at the direction of the displacement but only in the vertical axis
· Easing option: enable or disable the easing of the movement in the spline for NPCs
- Animation Module (New)
· For playing NPC animations (only if they have (Lobb-e doesnt have animations yet))
- Look At Module (New)
· Created for exclusive look at interactions with the following options:
· View target: you can set a point in the world, a fixed direction or the player head for making those npcs look at you
· Rotation modes:
· Continuous: makes the character move their head to look at the target, they can move the body too if they need until stopped
· Single: pose the whole character for be looking straight to that target in a single shot, not continuous, it rotates the whole npc Holder
- Module objects for npcs have been redesigned a bit for making them smaller and easier to use
- Now npc module outputs will output a single sort energy shot instead of remaining active
- Now active working modules shows an indicatior for easier tracking of working modules

Screenshot 5

Skate and Skate Goal items now are available for public use, these items will be improved in the future, in the meanwhile you can use them now
- In order to unequip the skate you need to cross the Skate Goal with it
- in the future there will be reactive skate checkpoints for forcing the player to go trough defined paths that reacts when you pass them

Added a slight coyote jump to the Skate, for making jumps in edges easier

New level editor skybox
- No more eyebleed from the old anoying super bright sky and better outside levels :)
- New skybox now adapts its color to the color of the walls making it even better as the enviroment sky color also changes when in combat

New Level editor music
- Now the level editor has a total of 3 musics, you may randomly hear the new one while creating levels

Greenlink features and improvements
- Now hidden greenlink cables can get energized so you can track better how your mechanisms works even if they are set as hidden
- Logic gates have been redesigned for better understanding and making them smaller
- Repeater can be configured better now, they have different predefined velocities, and an advanced mode for setting custom waiting times
- Energized links now also grow a bit for better visual feedback
- Repeaters now are smoother visually, they will also receive a visual improvement soon

Removed dark coins from the game as they caused confusion and added unnecessary complexity to the currency system.
The dark coins were originally added to signify coins without value, but we realized it's easier to understand the system without them.

Improved the sucction power for floating loot (coins,hearts) making far loot to come faster to you when raising your hand

Now when in the tutorial you can just leave it by returning to the lobby (Tutorial will still loading each time you start the game, so we recommend to complete it so it doesnt appears anymore)

Modified the grab origin of the hands, previously you had to grab with the fingers almost, now the grabbing point is closer to the palms

Added collisions to the floor of that multiplayer spawn place in the lobby

---------- Other Visual changes ----------

- modified the basic model of the base skin of the hand now with 3D fingers
- Provisional Campaign Mode buttons have been redesigned for fitting better the coming actual campaign levels menu
- Moved the clock in the menu for better fit of longer version names
- Green block doors have been redesigned to be simpler and smoother
- Fixed normals from walls, so now global ilumination works better, and pixel lighting on PC seems better (you can enable pixel light on Quest but its not recommended for performance)

---------- Bug fixes ----------

- Adjusted Timed Trigger targets to wait properly when shooting during an active waiting period
- Resolved issues with Greenlink causing links to disappear when removing a single node after reloading a level
- Fixed cases where Greenlink nodes were arranged incorrectly after reloading
- Corrected not appearing death particle effects on Toaster enemy (or how users call it "That-enemy-that-looks-like-if-a-cat-and-a-toaster-got-a-baby")
- Addressed Combat Knockback resistances in enemies, which were not being utilized at all
- Fixed knockback forces that were being applied multiple times per hit, causing enemies to be propelled too far
- Balanced knockback forces for hands' punches and slaps, as well as other knockback forces in the game
- Resolved a memory leak associated with Greenlink, improving game performance in Greenlink levels and reducing lag spikes
- Fixed an error that prioritized loading user-created levels over built-in levels by name
- Corrected a visual bug that delayed the player replay ghost, resulting in inaccurate time measurements
- Fixed issues with "Retry" and "Restart Level" buttons not appearing in built-in levels
- Corrected hand rotations in the login scene
- Resolved an issue that caused subtitles to not look at you properly during the editing of NPC dialogs in the editor.
- Fixed an issue with animated shaders on standalone devices that caused degradation of their quality over time.
- Fixed a problem with the combat color selection not updating level colors in real time
- Fixed a problem with some haptics in YVR

Also a lot of small optimizations were made so you can expect a performance improvement in the game

---------- New features that are hidden until release ----------

New npcs added to the level editor
- Owven, Marylink, Jumperine, Snob

Player Properties editor item
- Modified player properties block movement option so movement is only blocked while receiving energy
- Removed the stop input as it is not used anymore
- Made smaller and simpler

New music
- the new musics can only be set by developers in the meanwhile until this version fully releases, as they are for highlighting the campaign levels
- 4 new environment musics and 4 Combat musics

New Campaign levels
- There is a whole new Campaign levels selection menu featuring 21 scripted levels with npcs and new features really well integrated to demonstrate the power of the level editor

---------- In progress ----------

New smaller level data format for easy authoring and even smaller files

Lobby Quests (campaign also)
in-lobby missions that will be appearing during the campaign that you have to complete in order to progress on it

Skins visible in experimental multiplayer

- A new Greenlink object that emits energy reacting to the music for synchronizing your mechanisms to the music

Skate reactive checkpoints for reactive paths

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