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Hyperspace Pinball will be made available for testing on iOS devices on Saturday June 25th at the earliest to the first twenty people who sign up. Read for more details on how to sign up and to see an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK of the unpublished Hyperspace Pinball TRAILER!!!

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Gamieon is happy to announce that Hyperspace Pinball is finally at the development phase where individuals with any iOS device can volunteer to help polish and perfect Hyperspace Pinball for its release. Things to test will include: Menu navigation ease, game responsiveness, smoothness, fun factor, how many balls you need to start with to win, difficulty, and general bug hunting! To make the testing experience easier, cheat buttons also let you unlock all the features, and have you never run out of pinballs.

Which iOS devices do we support? That's what we will find out in this testing phase. Any developer can say "This engine should work on these devices", but I won't be convinced until I hear it from you, the tester. Whether you have a first generation iPod touch, or an iPad 2, your input will be valuable!

You may be asking yourself "Why should I test this game? What will it look like?" Well, just click on the YouTube link below, and find out! Though this was recorded from the PC version, the same engine is used to bring identical content to your iOS device.

If you have an iOS device and would like to test, please visit this coming Saturday afternoon. Approvals will begin the next day, and you can improve your chances by:

- Creating an account on iBetaTest now if you don't have one already.
- Visit iBetaTest several times during the day starting Saturday afternoon. Eventually, Hyperspace Pinball will appear on the front page.
- Being among the first to request a slot.
- Mention you heard about the beta from or
- Having a device that no previously approved tester has.

Please Follow Our Ongoing Development!

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