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After heavy testing, a lot of bugs have been fixed and many improvements have been made to Hyperspace Pinball.

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Releasing a PC version for people to play has paid off. The combined feedback with iBetaTest has been most helpful, but the majority of bug reports were still issued from myself as I did general testing. In the latest release which you can get from the downloads page, a lot of bugs have been fixed, and several features added. The most relevant ones are:

  • Level difficulty selection (harder = more points = less balls)
  • Speed control
  • "Ballguard" which keeps the ball from falling right after you launch it

Sadly, despite all my optimizations, I will not be releasing this for any hardware weaker than an iPad or iPhone 4. Testing on my 3GS has shown that multiball always makes the game ground to 3 fps or less. I can always try to improve on it later. However, I do have a Low Quality mode in case those with more powerful devices want a smoother game (introduces changes to lighting and a more laxed physics collision checking).

Check out the game play action here in our latest game play video!

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