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This is the story about Hyperborean Empire. Mighty state of the ancient times.

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"Some wizards telling about Hyperborean Empire, which was the mighty state in the period of ancient times.

Who knows, was it truth or its just a mythology variants.

But we have a lot of ancient arthefacts and legend stories with some proofs...

Proofs.... Ha ha.... Proofs? I haven`t got proofs about this... proofs.

But i believe, that Hyperborea was the first mankind kingdom. Was the first realm of our race.

I beleive, sometime we will find more arthefacts and make our opening.

I am not mad, my brothers and sisters... I am just man, who wants the truth. And i will give it to you.

I promise... I will give."

(Doctor Khasan al-Ebrahem, first leader of the "Khasan Inc.")


let's see what comes next

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BagaturKhan Author

a lot of new things, i hope

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BagaturKhan Author

btw, Hyperborea was in the period before Athlantys.

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