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Final release of 3.0 version, please do input your suggestions below for future releases.

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So here is the new 3.0 Version that has been released.

I have included some things that have been requested. For example Veterancy boost.
I have not included stuff like Hyper Infantry because I haven't rebuilt it just yet, might take a week or two to get that back.
The decrase in the amount of credits to start with has not been modified as well, because I have not been able to find what to modify.

I also put the limit of how many units you can build. Not only does this decrase the lag amount, but also makes the game a bit more difficult. If you don't like this please do let me know.

Made Juggernaught fire at a much quicker rate.
Please suggest which units from each fuction should do this as well to make it more balanced.

I will gladly take any suggestions in order to make this game more fun for everyone.

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