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The long awaited Beyta Crusher Man is has it's lifetime expanded with the all new, soon to be released, awesome mappack known as the Hydra Mappack.

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The Hydra Mappack is fairly similar to the leaked WC Mappack from the axel gembe incident (half life 2 leak from 2003) except that the Mappack isn't or will be leaked and that it isn't that big. Currently there are 3 map .bsp files done, one of them somehow could not work, so if anyone can fix up the map BCMGetYourFreeTv's_02 for me, that would be greatly appreciated. What is wrong with BCMGetYourFreeTv's_02 is currently unknown, all we know is that after compiling it, the map wouldn't run when testing if the map could run. So far, all I know is that I will make this map officially cut from the mappack, but I will release it in the mappack anyways in a folder only for cut maps. I also forgot to mention, BCMGetYourFreeTv's_02.vmf isn't a cut map from Beyta Crusher Man, it's from the Beta of Beyta Crusher Man 2! SURPRISE!!!!! Beyta Crusher Man 2 is going to be released AFTER the Mappack is released! So, Stay Tuned for more Beyta Crusher Man franchise news and Hydra Mappack news!

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