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Our impressions after the current events that are entangling Homeworld's Intellectual Property

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THQ auction has left suspended the rights for the use of Homeworld.Will it be for sale later?
Will it be left in "Hyperspace"?It will take time to absorb this situation and all consequences.

At HWR, we are confident that we are working in one of the most exciting MODs out there for the Homeworld universe. This confusing auction and the anger of the community has strongly confirmed our thoughts. It has made clear to us that our responsibility in remaking part of HW1 is even greater than we could imagine.

Homeworld IP is traveling in the darkness of space with a very weak signal. So in the near future, one oasis in this absurd void for the HW fans might become Homeworld Remastered. We can not plan and develop HWR underestimating this possibility. At this moment we have under production 23 KUSHAN ships and 19 TAIIDAN ships, 14 of them have been released to your appreciation already. To be honest, in the recent weeks we are in a slow pace. We also have a vacant position for a coder what is delaying a bit our ambitions.

Privately, we hope that this dilemma we all have been thrown to, serves to stimulate new mods, old ones reborning, old toughs revenging, and to enlarge the base of players and modders. We welcome you all to be part of our experience in order to relieve the pain caused by this non-sense anytime: Play our mod, play the other mods, awake "sleepers" everywhere to join our struggle.

Let's tell those bureaucrats loud and clear that we do not stand this mess they have done.
Best of luck to all of us
HWR Team

* Other modders and MOD teams are advised to use their space here at MODDB and any other game forums to fight against the current crisis.


There are a few other HW2 mods going strong, if silent, like Continuum ;)

The Babylon 5 mod had it's first pulse of life for ages too, they're making a push towards completion too!

This bunch ( are trying to buy the Homeworld IP with the specific goal of using it (I think their touchscreen Homeworld conversion could do with your remastered meshes Chimas!)

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THQ auction has left suspended the rights for the use of Homeworld.

Am I reading that we can’t make any modding on Homeworld 2? Source?

There’ll be an auction for Homeworld’s IP...and there are competitors already.

Personally, I fear for the future of Homeworld’s IP, not if there’ll be a winner for the auction but how the winner will develop Homeworld in the future – its depth and feeling in particular, seeing they are much weaker in Homeworld 2 (...and this is one of the main reasons why we are still here modding the game in the 2013).

Speaking of (Remastered and) coding in particular, be careful to be ambitious. Being ambitious can drift you away from finding easier solutions, if there are any of course.

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Chimas Author

Use = commercial use. Modding is not affected.
By ambition, I meant some things are in standby. We have the ideas but can't do anything about it.

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Ah ok, thank you for the clarification!

I'm thinking to what can't be done of Homeworld in Homeworld 2...

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My order of importance:
1- the IP is auctioned to SOMEBODY
2- that entity creates a game, any game, within the HW IP
3- they release modding tools for said game
4- that game is similar to previous Homeworld games
5- they don't butcher the fiction
6- it's actually a good game that sells well, leading to further games within the HW IP

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I agree with H_D, if only blackbird could buy it...but there's no way they are just a small startup, probably struggling to make hardware as it is.

The main point of this post by Chimas is that the HW IP might not be bought and stay lost in IP limbo, and in that case it will be up to us -die hard fan's- to keep it alive, either it be by us here modding, or fanart, fanfic... whatever.
Also, having a strong fanbase might have influence in either someone decides to buy the IP or not.

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sigh i say curse THQ for buying out relic in the first place, anyways guys i guess one should hope for the best but things dont always turn out how you would like.

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