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Greenlight confirm! Our DEMO is out and a bonus material too.

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So these are the last moves:
- Check out our DEMO pack in the Download Section: we've made our release and we can't wait to get some feedbacks, doubts and critics;
- Any instant support to solve bugs and problems will take place only in the next weekend;
- The instructions are vague. How to deal with a *.BIG file in HW2 is a well known procedure. Anyway, if anyone needs a help, just drop an SOS;
- The MOD launcher I've been using is from SilentSpy. LINK . Never been so easy to customize HW2;
- Player profiles were added so you can play HWR and other MODS "out of routine";

Our last pain to deal with was solved:
- Krnt from HWR and LeviathansWrath from HWU were not able to solve the coding required to make the AI work satisfactory. Mr Thi from EVE:RTS stepped in and solved this for us. We are glad with the solution;
- A coder for LUA script is a position available within HW Remastered, so we would like to fill this position eventually, but it won't be now.

Since we lost format, I'll put it here:

We are proud to release our DEMO version.

The main purpose of this DEMO is to collect feedbacks. The more you can suggest, more options you'll probably have in further releases. Another goal of this DEMO is to bring down expectations, once HWR deals with the seminal Homeworld mind-blowing experience. Those suggestions are naturally restricted to our time and skilled people available. Believe us, even with this DEMO, you'll not be disappointed.

You'll find both Kushan and Taiidan in a small strike force to play with.
It includes:
- Light and Heavy Interceptors
- Bombers
- Light Corvettes
- Resource Collectors
- Ion Frigates and
- Carrier.
The game menu allows only CPU x Player and is presented in Deathmatch mode only, for the moment.Since the vessels are "repowered", we recommend you to enjoy this DEMO in "FPS mode" and leave strategic approaches for later releases. Not only ship enhancements, but new textures, decklights, navigation lights, explosion effects, damage effects, light effects, badges, etc.It's everywhere. When you get tired, look again and you'll find one more thing.

Extract the HWRDEMO.BIG from the ZIP file and drop it in your C:\...\HOMEWORLD2\DATA folder. We recommend the use of a MOD launcher.Contact HW Remastered Team for more instructions, if needed.

We have had few time for quality assurement and one of our concerns is Pervasiveness:- Those flaws and bugs visible to anyone outside the MOD that had made us blind long ago.We will try to address all of it and might take some time to coordinate and republish.So, patience is recommended.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThe nature of this MOD is the graphic enhancement of the stock ships present in HW1. This DEMO is a temporary tool and has a short and specific credit section. If you notice anything missing in particular, be kind to contact us before any public move so we can solve the eventual problem without harm to any parties and by consequence, without annoying the rest of the community.

No ships can be used publicly in any MOD without our permission.We haven't defined yet where and how these ships will be used outside Homeworld Remastered.We are using this DEMO so people can come over and tell us where they plan to use our work and we will define a public policy later. Your MOD must really add value to apply for the usage of Homeworld Remastered, but you should not give up on your request. Just let us know about it and together we can find a way for your MOD.

Our next steps are minor releases. They will deal with support, quality issues and supplements.After this DEMO we will start to debate inside HWR, our Features & Release Strategy that will clarify what will come next. Thus and again, your feedback is a key asset.

The Homeworld Remastered Team

would like to thank to
Relic for creating such amazing game
Leviathan's Wrath and The Homeworld Universe Team for providing the basic Hods
Xangle and the Homeworld FX team for their magnificent Fathership and some effects
Dark sentinel for his fantastic Taiidan frigates Mr Thi for the working AI
Dark Sajuuk
Sorry if anyone was forgotten for the moment.


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