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My mod for HW2 adding factions, new ships, more maps, power-ups, and making epic battles start fast.

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Update #1

Well I'll break it down here. First, as usual, I did this on my own.

-6 factions: RHN (Royal Hiigaran Navy), UVC (United Vaygr Crusade), ITA (Imperial Taiidani Alliance), TRH (Turanic Raider Horde), PHG (Progenitor Honor Guard), BSE (Beast Subversion Entity)
-My custom maps (will have (BF) before them some have a custom music track)
-Runes (affect you and your allies, must be captured unless given to a player by default) ex: Haste, big mobility/speed boost.
-Mod focuses on combat though research exists, no ships require it however to win you will need strike craft and capitals, without capital ships your strike craft have no firepower support, and without strike craft, your capital ships have no cover fire, either way, they will all die (assuming your enemy has enough ships compared to you, say you send in 2 destroyers or cruisers alone and he whips out 6 to 10 bombers/assault corvette, your destroyers will be dead fast). Research trees are similar for better balance i.e. all races have Lvl 1 through 3 armor and speed upgrades that are accessed the same way.

I could probably write a book on what I did so that is all the main stuff that matters when it comes to playing this.

oh btw...the factions...ships are named according to class for example...

hgn interceptor is RHF Perseus
hgn destroyer is RHD Hades

In other words the third letter is the class name, in cases like Fighters and Frigates, a lower case letter of the second letter is added

hgn torp frig is RHFr Poseidon

Fixed download is now up here

Update #2 (now #3 I guess) this issue with Hiigaran (RHN) resourcers not being able to be built has been fixed in the above DL

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