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Wrote hunger script. Wrote health script. Implemented mediator design pattern. Started cleaning up project.

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Did a little write up on my motivations for creating this game. It helps so solidify my motivation for the project but also to explain to people who don't understand what it's about and where it's going. Started writing a script to control the player's hunger level, they start off not hungry and get more hungry until 24 hours when they begin to starve. When they starve it affects their health and if they don't eat in 30 days they will starve to death. Implemented the mediator design pattern so I don't have to call scripts directly to interact with them, it decreases coupling and makes it easier to insert/remove components at a later date. The project is getting quite large and there are a lot of assets in there that I don't need. Decided that it will be best to create a new project and copy what I want across. This should also help me to strengthen my components so they don't break when missing pieces.

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