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Problems with my computer still, and also problems with writing a story line..

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Hello again to all the regulars and new watchers!

Just a quick recap from me before I get to the good stuff, I am still having problems with my main Hard Drive that I use to back stuff up to, I asked about it to some PC repairs people and they said I might be able to mount it internally and get what I want off it hopefully , If I can I will be very incredibly happy, as the last project I was working on before this one suffered the fate of being lost to technological errors and I dont want that to happen, that and I need all the stuff on that drive to put together a decent portfolio for the 27th.

So.... apart from my personal problems with technology... heres your update.

I have been constantly trying to work out the story for my side of the project, what with John doing the game side , I had to come up with a story to entertain people and to keep them watching my portion of the project.

For those who dont remember , I switched the project from an actual game to a animated 3d movie done in UDK,and John is doing the ingame stuff , so in the end you will get 2 projects , 1 game and 1 movie.

So , As I said in one of the previous updates , I have been collecting reference for the story, by ordering one of the Out Of Print (No more will ever be made) Concept art books , aswell as another Coin Op figure, and also trying to translate the Armored Core Story into English the logical way , rather than take off exactly what the games say as they are not properly translated.

One of the main points I have had trouble with uptil now was getting a setting, after many hours of logical thinking, the story will take place on Mars, as its in a similar situation as Earth in AC1 , apart from everyone lives on the surface, Zio , Emeraude and Balena are still present and still fighting for control over the surface.

I have managed to also link in the other AC games apart from 4 and 4 Answer aswell like I demonstrated in one of the other updates, so that I can pull some story line out of them that will tie into the main narative and give it some more depth.

The main problem I have now is, I have been trying to find out where the AI that ran the Ravens nest in AC1, PP and MOA came from, Mainly because its the source of all AC games , the Antagonist always is a killer AI program mainly, the story line confirms this.

Someone wrote: AC1 the Ravens Nest is ran by an AI and Nineball is a seperate AI created to protect the main Nest AI

AC MOA the Nineball AI is mass produced and Retains part of the Original AI from the Ravens Nest, created to control all that goes on in the world

AC2 Klein the MOA Protagonist becomes the Antagonist and experiments with AI sending an AI version of himself after you.

AC3 The controller controls the world similar to the Ravens Nest AI from AC1, but it goes renegade and trys to kill everyone.

AC3SL ACI the organisation is one AI along with IBIS trying to control the world again after the downfall of The Controller, but gets destroyed by the Raven.

NX Navis Unleashes the Unknowns on the world , Controlled by an AI , going by the English Translation the Nineball AI is present in the first pulverizer unknown.

LR Unknowns and Pulverizers pour out of the interencine all controlled by AI.

So ... If I find out where the Nest AI came from I can link in the time line successfully how I have wrote it out so far, for those who dont remember my time line is this...

Someone wrote: Global Nuclear War > AC3 > SL > NX > NB > LR > Great Destruction > AC1 > PP > MOA > AC2

Once I find out my answer to this problem the time line will make sense , and I can finally move onwards to really playing around with the AC2 Universe and see what I can do with it to really spice things up, until then , I`ll get back to you when I have figured it all out.



sweet , i pray for your hard drive chap

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