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Latest build of King Arthur's Gold allows you to mount a catapult and let a teammate launch you! Other additions include: droppable items, kill messages, new charge cursors, screen shaking effects and more...

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There is so much goodies in this build that I can wait to play it with the public!
Here's what we have in this latest installation of King Arthur's Gold:

Every material now (wood, stone, gold, bombs and arrows) are physical game objects inside the game. This means you can:

  • drop them (or use momentum to throw across walls) (default key [C])
  • pick them up
  • healing heart can be picked up with [E] if you don't use it

So no more lost gold after being gibbed! But there's more:


the Human Catapult!

I think it is obvious what to do with this. You'll need a teammate to help launch you. Just watch out because long falls will cause falling damage or death.

Default key for loading catapult has changed to the drop key [C] !

Besides these features there are dozens of tweaks, changes and BUG FIXES. Worth mentioning are:

  • screen shake and blink (to notify you got damaged or killed)
  • kill messages (now you know who killed you!)
  • new charge cursors
  • bouncing off walls for even more fun knight combat
  • shield pushing gives sound feedback and works a lot better
  • press [M] to see the entire minimap

Please read the changelog for a complete overview.

Changes 130-137:

- added red screen blink on damage
- added camera shake effects (on explosion & collapsing)
- added kill messages
- set console var \cc_killfeed 1 for kills to appear in chat console
- falling or dying on spikes adds a kill for attacker that did that
- fixed sword killing through walls
- fixed ladder giving 3 wood instead of 2
- fixed minimap overlapping map vote
- added switch team chat console message
- fixed support algorithm lag on server
- added micro-gibs
- hud fades away completely on mouse near screen edge
- added full map by pressing M
- fixed minimap display on small maps
- stunned and dead players bounce off walls
- fixed corpses preventing doors from closing
- added droppable & pickable materials
- arrow that hit player adds stays in player's arrow supply
- added man catapult launching
- fixed catapult launching itself bug
- resupplying works only 15 seconds after spawn and stops working after drop or throw bomb
- catapults can be destroyed by own team
- destroyed catapults & outposts leave wood material
- added temporary health indicator for catapult & outpost
- more knock back on fast arrow
- more power on bomb knock back in air
- bombs have more radius of kill but make less block damage
- knight can carry max 3 bombs
- bombs explode from each other
- bomb explosion doesn't work through walls
- optimized network bandwidth
- tent resupplies automatically during warmup
- fixed console rendering under HUD
- fixed blocks falling when placed too fast
- fixed bot kick crash
- new knight & archer flash cursors
- changed name label font
- falling on someone causes damage; falling with shield 2x damage
- added falling on someone and hitting with shield sound
- flag is picked up automatically from ground
- fixed knock back network desync
- velocity push is stronger when throwing objects
- smaller small fall damage
- shield does not work on spikes
- fixed doors and bridges not working when open on join server
- bridge opens from below too
- fixed block menu resource text overlapping
- bodies block explosion from destroying wall
- arrow has 12 arrows on spawn and takes 1 arrow from tree
- change catapult loading key to DROP [C]
- server shuts down if can't create UDP port listener
- unused hearts can be picked up with [E]

Please support us by buying premium version if you like this game!

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