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Many many new things, New HUD, New Zombie Models, New Weapons, Traps and so many more my head hurts.

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First Off, this update is big, I've packed everything that I've been working on and whats coming soon into this post. So, you might be reading a while, if you decide to keep reading that is.

New New New

There are loads of new things coming! Keep a close eye out, these will be including:

Zombie Classes

We are working on many new classes for zombies, this means we will have slow, fast, sneaky and hard to kill zombies, and even more.
This gives us a bit more of an approach to the game as instead of having the same type of zombie coming after you every round, the game will randomize the amount of each zombie, taking into account what round you are currently on aswell for best result.
For example, on round 10, you could be given 10 quick zombies, 3 agressive zombies, 2 "mutant" zombies, and a single slow zombie. (Those are example zombies and numbers! None of that represents anything from the game ;)).
This can give you a challenge in itself as you will never know what is coming in the next round, so preperation is essential!


Like I said in the previous post, we have 4 custom weapons for the game, each is designed by a member of the team, these weapons will be available in the game, however, each has its pros and cons, because you can't have an amazing gun without a downside these days.
Some of these weapons don't have a name yet, but I'll give you a hint to each one.

Foxx - CO2 Tube
DTJ2.0 - Cavity Magnetron
Blueheadedpants - Small Robots
GeneralBert - LN2

These weapons and their designs will be posted as soon as we have finished doing concepts and modelling of them. These are designed to look like they were built in a hurry with items that can be found easily, so don't expect them to look amazing! When you're being swarmed by the undead, its power not looks that matters.


I uploaded another image of a HUD concept earlier, this one is very minimal, containing only an ammo, round and score bar, no healt, no weapon info, just those. We've read what people have said, we do agree that less HUD makes the game much creepier, so we've stripped it down to the very basics.

I'll refine this HUD depending on feedback.


We all know that its good to have some lovely powerups in a game, to make your life easier, especially when you have a horde of zombies chasing you, so we're going to be including a method of getting a random weapon in every level, just like the mystery box in Nazi Zombies, but we plan to make our "box" a litle more interesting. You'll have to wait and see about this one.

Also, those Perk machines in Nazi Zombies were very popular, they even changed the whole style of gameplay! So we're going to recreate our own versions of those, but like the "box" we plan to do some changes so our game differs from Nazi Zombies as much as possible, beause there are plenty of NZ fan games out there. This is another wait and see item too!

Other Stuff

Thats not all!


I've been working on the AI system for the past couple of hours now, everything is coming along well. Tomorrow me and DTJ2.0 will be deciding the maths behind the round and zombie systems. This is the main part of the system we need to get working now as this is what will decide how many zombies will be in each round, how strong, what types spawn and finally, how many spawn in "waves" so that you don't get all 24 zombies come at once in round 5.

Alpha Info

When we think the game is at a point that we can have it released and tested, we will release our Alpha build, this will contain one single map (for size purposes) and will be available to anyone and everyone. This build will most likley contain many bugs and could be unstable, but thats why we release it, to get all your info back and fix as many bugs as possible.
After our Alpha we will fix as many of the bugs we get reported as possible from you and our dedicated testers. Once this is done we will improve and add things to the engine, this is when we will be adding traps and more to the game, along with making more maps.
What happens after the Alpha has not yet been decided.

Thank You!

We'd just like to say thank you, for the suggestions and feedback we've gotten.


Sounds great. When you say traps, who are they directed against? or both?

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MrFoxx Author

Currently the traps are against the zombies, but there will be certain traps that will catch the player out.

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Maybe instead of perks-a-cola,you could have experimental drugs that the player could take, e.g. adrenaline, health increase etc and have them last for a fairly long but not permanent timescale?

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