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Huge mega update!!! Models finished for the Budapest Siege Mod! Check in, it's going to worth it!!

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Budapest ostroma játék

Hello dear friends & followers! Üdv Mindenkinek!

Huge update!!

I got great news today friends! I've been busy working to finish all the models to the game in the past week, successfully! (we're talking about 20,or more models) :) With this update, there are more than 105 stunningly detailed ,highly quality models in total! (but of course, if i found something intresting,i will definitely add it to the game :) feel free to send intresting units, that probably participated in the siege, that you would like to see in the game!)

Remek hírek barátaim! kész van az összes modell a játékhoz,összesen 105 darab.(persze ha még találok ritka,és érdekes egységeket,azon nyomban elkészítem :) ).

Please,check out all the new units carefully.Categorized into 4 nations.I put a lot of effort & work to it! :)

Right click,open in new window to see full size images!!!!!!

Jobb klikk,megnyitás új lapon a teljes felbontásért!!!!!!

But enough talking! Let"s see !! :O

First,my home's army:


Magyar királyi honvédség.

budapest ostroma

Hungarian elite troops,scout,1944-45 Budapest ostroma. jatek.Magyar elit egységek,Budapest ostromaban.1944.45

The elite Szent László parachute division and reworked Hungarian elite models!

Szent László Hadosztály ,1944-45 Budapest ostroma,Jatek.Hungarian officers,Budapest 1944-45,Siege,Jatek.

Older ones:

Magyar bakák,Budapest,1944,Mod.Magyar tábori biztonság! 1944-45 Siege,Game.Hungarian ww2,Army,men of war, call to arms.Huszárok Budapest ostromban,1944,45 Hungary men of war.

Csendőr kBudapest 1945 ostroma,game jatek,Hungarian army,Call to arms, Men of war, siege.

Hungarian army,ww2,Men of war, call to arms, game, mod,jatek.Budapest őrbuunda magyar egyenruha



Feldherrnhalle, Florian Geyer, Maria Theresia, Luftwaffe ground forces, Kriegsmarine, Volksgrenadiers Ect.

wehrmacht budapest,1944-45 siege, game jatek.wehrmacht budapest ostromában,1944-45,Játékmaria theresia division,Budapest siege, game, mod, epic,Budapest siege, waffen ss, Siege game, mod.

Older ones:

Budapest waffen ss,1944-45,Siege.......Random german units, budapest siege game.Kriegsmarine, Budapest siege, mod, jatek, 1945Luftwaffe budapest mod,Budapest ostroma jatek,1945,Budapest waffen ss camo model,Feldfeldherrnhalle budapest,1944-45.florian geyer budapest uniformsfeldherrnhalle kurz, budapest uniform,luftwaffe, budapest ostromanépi gránátos hadosztály budapestss machine gunner  and hungarian men of war.

ss infantry

The Soviet Union & Romania

soviet roma

You can notice that this is the first time i uploaded Soviet forces.The reason why is that i have really small acknowledge of the coat insignia...

there is really small info on the winter coat insignia of the Soviet forces on the internet,so i would like to ask your help guys

I found a few pictures,these are the results.My question is that,what does the colors , and actually the whole insignias mean? Thank you for the answers! :)

russian infanrtry,budapest 1945,

Oroszok budapest,1944-45 jatek ostrom

You definitely don't want to face these guys in the battlefield :O :)

russian elite shock assault troops, models budapest siege, mod, game

Romanian Infantry,

Romanian infantry budapest, 1944-45 models men of war,

These are the current units in the game,but as i said , i am planning to add more an more.. :D

Here are some really really cool ingame images of the new models:

The really cool Russian elite troops: (right click on them to enlarge)

New russian elite troops model uniforms,

The Hungarian Szent László elite division:

A szent László hadosztályRussian infantry,models new men of war

Wehrmacht infantry:

Wehrmacht infantry models budapest siege modHungarian elite troops models call to arms men of war epic

And now for the last part,Some really cool screenshots from the game:


Fight in a house yard.

Harcok Budapesten 1944-45, Jatek ostrom,epic,

A little torture scene,Under the City in the basements.(The reason why the urbex tag is in the game:

in some missions there will be logic parts,where you have to explore areas,find items,ect...)

Vallatás Budapest ostroma 1944-45 jatek Pince

A bekerített Német-Magyar csapatok harca, a Farkasréti temetőben.

Harc a Farkasréti Temetőben,Budapest ostroma jatek,

Older ones,if you missed:

Budapest siege mod,Budapest gellert hegy ostrom jatekBudapest siege jatek mod gameplayBudapest utcai harc jatek, modKitörés jatek game modBudapest védői,ostrom modThe siegeBudapest véres ostroma jatekKitörés budapest ostroma mod jatek

Hope you guys enjoyed this big-big update,It's been a long week creating these but the outcome,i think worth it! :)

Please leave a comment if you sympathize with my work!

Now i'm going to take a little brake,but than i decided to re work my maps and start all over again with new better object ect ect..




Absolutely goddang amazing! Thats some really quality work there! Can't wait to get those shiny uniforms dirtied up ;)

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arturbe04 Author

Thank you very much! :) Really glad to hear that! :D

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Impressive, to say the least! Got that World at War vibe :)

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arturbe04 Author

Thank you! :) Glad it evokes something,but the siege was so unique in alot of aspects,that i dont want this Mod to have any other vibes than it's own.:)

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Minden tiszteletem az öné! Sok sikert kívánok a továbbiakban!

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Hey friend if you have more exclusive vehicles, upload images of them, since it would be amazing to see them in battle.

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Looking forward to it.
But i think you make the textures too HD. If you use like 1080p Textures on models ment for a strategy game they will have issues. Some of the screenshots already have issues. They are too sharp and i think the normal map is too big too and the alpha map is just plain white and so the models look shiny when they should be matt.

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Please don't give up all hope you do not fall by the wayside

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