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v0.945 has a new shader, stardust particles in space, new hangar interface, armor upgrade, asteroid improvements, ship energy consumption + generator, reworked ammosystem, Cube buy price is now based on its upgradelevel.

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Hello and welcome to the news of Disorder in Space!

Disorder in Space v0.945 brings:

  • The toon shader
  • The stardust particles,
  • The cube upgrade menu
  • Energy System
  • Play button in the Hangar Menu
  • Getting from space directly to the Hangar by pressing R
  • Cube price balancing
  • Scrab (Currency; dropped by destroyed asteroids)
  • Generator Cube
  • Hud changes
  • Reworked ammosystem
  • Cube buy/upgrade price no based on the cube's upgrade level
  • Symmetry dupebug fixed
  • Asteroid healthbar

Energy System
With the new energy consumption system we also needed a new generator cube, which you can
see below. Every functional cube (weapons, thruster, gyroscope) needs and consumes energy.
The gyroscope energy usage is based on angular momentum, so only when you are actually doing something, its consuming energy.

The Generator

The new stardust particles
The white dots flying through the screen. Its a small feature, but ingame it does a lot to the overall environment. Also note, the asteroids have a healthbar now.

A demonstration on how the new shader looks

The new inventory interface

Cube upgrade / buy menu
By clicking on the grey arrow, above the symmetry icon, the upgrade mode activates, then by clicking on any of the cubes, the cube upgrade menu will open. In the upgrade menu you can either add more cubes of that specific type or upgrade it, giving it more armor and making it more sustainable. Each upgrade costs more srab material.

Disorder in Space

Disorder in Space v0.945

Download Disorder in Space v0.945

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