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Right now we are in the middle of releasing a new version of Incognito Episodes for Windows and Mac now that we have passed the Apple Mac AppStore approval process. We stopped adding new features and fixes once we submitted to Apple and have decided to use this as a base moving forward.

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The amount of changes in both assets and code is absolutely incredible. When you get your update it will be a big one if you already have the game installed (basically you have to download it again to get all the changes).

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Porting Incognito to work on Mac OSX was an amazing task accomplished by our Russian comrades over at NeoAxis. All of the actual hard work was done there and we simply converted our codebase and updated our assets in accordance with new standards.

Enough talk, there is science to be done! Take care everyone and see you in a few months when we have more of Episode 4 to show. Maybe even a trailer this time :)

Incognito Episodes 3.7 Changelog
- Apple’s Mac OS X now supported.
- Changed FPS item pickup key from Fire2 to Use key.
- Disabled support for joysticks and custom input devices outside keyboard and mouse until we can better finalize this code on all platforms.
- Removed multiplayer support due to lack of interest and amount of code that needed to be ported to be compatible with OSX.
- Fixed a bug where you could cause the ‘flashback’ to happen constantly during episode intros after entering username.
- Removed ALICE bot support since it would have caused incompatibilities on OSX.
- Changed self-destruct icon in RTS game to skull and crossbones to convey better the purpose of this button.
- Enemies can now drop currency items, updated several maps in EP1 and 2 to use this feature.
- Re-compressed the entire game into several large zip files due to sheer number of changes done to facilitate OSX platform this was only way to ensure all new files are copied.
- Sealed off cargo bay in EP2 cargo ship that you pilot. Many players complained about getting stuck in this area.
- Several escaped prisoners in EP3 would not die and simply keep respawining in some rare circumstances.
- Some of the holodeck programs in EP3 would never end when they should have forcing the player to go back to last autosave to save progress.
- FPS Inventory management screen would cut your frame-rate in half. This has been resolved. Problem was inefficient drawing code for inventory slots.
- Updated Unicode support.
- HDR is now disabled by default.
- PhysX 2.8.4. One of the new feature of PhysX 2.8.4.x branch is the driver-less model. In a word, with driver-less model, the PhysX system software is no longer required to run a PhysX app.
- Added PhysX 64-bit binaries for Windows.
- Engine will use .NET 4.0 if it is installed on the system otherwise it will revert to using .NET 2.0.
- Bug fix: Some meshes with pose animation can crash the engine.
- Bug fix: Fullscreen fading effect artifacts with fullscreen anti-aliasing enabled.
- Bug fix: Save window state in windowed mode in next run.
- Bug fix: Crash joystick support in 64-bit version.
- Bug fix: Crash during the change from fullscreen/windowed mode on 64-bit version.
- Bug fix: Engine crash if file path to Bin directory had Unicode characters.
- Bug fix: Crash for maps with logic code which loaded from file archive.
- Bug fix: Invisible objects attached to bone slots flicker.
- Bug fix: Lowest LOD in mesh files for shadow generation was always used.



Linux support please.

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Mac for desura please? p.S I have a w7 my bro has a mac

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