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Operation Chaos Uprising is coming. Raise alert levels to yellow.

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Hello Ladies and Gents, sorry for lack of news recently I have been busy working on the mod and am pleased to announce that Chaos forces will have a large amount of stuff to use which is great isn't it?

So here's some things I've got planned.

Renegade Guardsmen - upgrading HQ will increase squad sizes just like imperial guard. I like to think of renegade guardsmen as an alternative to cultist. They will benefit from unholy sight.

Brass Scorpion - Now limited to 2.

Heldrake - This deadly dragon will rain destruction from on high. With Chaos energies researched, you may call in 3 of these terrifying daemon machines. Baleflamers and a sharp melee attack will ensure air superiority against the loyalist scum.

Frag grenade and speed fiends moved to armory. Unholy sight moved to HQ. This will allow Chaos temple to host the marks of chaos (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch). If you do not pick any of these marks you will automatically be considered Chaos Undivided.

Playing any specific marks will shut down some options but open up other options. The AI will play all marks and will stick to whatever their specialty is. Now lets go into what each mark does;

Khorne - Khorne Beserkers get a HP and regeneration bonus. Their Greater Daemon is the bloodthirster. The berserkers also get access to skull champion which further increases their stopping power. To further compliment them, Khorne Berserkers will now gain a fear aura which cripples enemy morale in close combat. Choosing Khorne will disable Noise Marines and any existing Noise Sqauds will receive huge penalties.

Nurgle - Plague Marines receive amazing regeneration and can be outfitted with heavy weapons. Their Greater Daemon is the Great Unclean One. Choosing Nurgle does have a downside which is the loss of Horror Squads (Due to age old grudge against Tzeentch, horrors fall under his domain) and instead use anti tank marine squads to deal with armor. These marines aren't as quick to deploy as Horrors so be aware of that. Rubric Sqauds will be disabled and any existing rubrics will receive huge penalties.

Slaanesh - Noise Marines receive a slight boost in size and can now deploy Blastmasters which will debuff enemy targets causing their accuracy to fall and/or take more damage. Their Greater Daemon is Keeper of Secrets which is cheaper and quicker to deploy than other relic units. Choosing Slaanesh means you can kiss Khorne Beserkers goodbye.

Tzeentch - Rubric Squads gain regeneration, and aspiring sorcerers (which every single one will increase rubric squad size by 1 each) can now be used, on top of that, horror squad sizes will now be improved by 1 and be cheaper to use too. Their Greater Daemon is The Lord of Change which is an excellent support caster, use him to manipulate your opponent on the battlefield. Smelly units like Plague Marines won't be around to annoy you now and any that still exist will soon cease to be.

Undivided - You may think it's the Jack of All Trades Master of none but even undivided has its uses. Access to all 4 mark's marines and the Decimator, Daemon Engine of Destruction can make things very convincing for your foes to turn tail and flee. Furies can also be called in to cripple your opponent and allow Chaos to wreck further havoc. Choosing any path will disable Undivided.

Currently being considered - Choosing a path will allow that path to deploy a lesser daemon of its mark.
Khorne - Bloodletters
Nurgle - Plague bearers
Slaanesh - Daemonettes
Tzeentch - Flammers

Please feel free to post your thoughts on it. Patch is due out within the next week so keep your eyes peeled :)

DeltaValkyrie, signing out.

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