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Are you disappointed with the multiplayer of the new "Wolfenstein"? Don't worry... This is a total conversion mod for both Doom 3 (sp) and Quake 4 (mp) that will provide you the old "Rtcw/Etwolf" gameplay and fun that is not in the new "Wolfenstein".

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Running the multiplayer on the Quake 4 1.4.2 and an enhanced q4max code will provide at least a good and competitive experience. It's true that most of the people will think... Id tech 4 competitive? hahaha. "Id tech 4 suxx blablabla..." You will see what Id tech 4 can do in the gameplay wise when this will come out, for both performance and netcode. Maybe with the time... the Singleplayer part will be ported to the new "wolf".

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hahaha, cannot believe that I wrote that in 2009. Port it to the new Wolfenstein ROFL.

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